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My Ten Favourite City Eat-Outs Are...

By Vision Reporter

Added 26th December 2002 03:00 AM

The hallmark of any great restaurant is the ability of its management and staff to be innovative, inspired as well as original.

The hallmark of any great restaurant is the ability of its management and staff to be innovative, inspired as well as original.

Most of the restaurants serve superb food, have a good ambience and the management is very efficient

By Kadumukasa Kironde II

Mamba Point, Ristorante Italiano, 22a Aki-Bua Road, Nakasero. The hallmark of any great restaurant is the ability to be innovative, inspiring and original. When one speaks of great restaurants, these are surely a far and few in between and above all they must be ranked as being a class unto themselves. Guido Nortari, an Italian, who runs the place with his wife, Fiona, continues to dazzle us with an array of unique of (in Uganda) culinary innovations and yet, he never forgets to let you know that the main Roman tradition reigns supreme over at Mamba Point. With the garden terrace, the joint can boast of having attained the al fresco setting, the dining room and the private dining room.

Uhuru Restaurant, 214 Abbey Kafumbe road, off Namirembe Road adjacent to Nakivubo Stadium. This landmark establishment was founded by Saad Abed in 1962. Would you believe that this was the heart of Kampala wherein you had such outstanding places such as the Social Centre? Anyway, it is testimony to the excellent food that has enabled this place to stand the test of time. The main man behind the scenes is Salim Uhuru Saad, the son of Saad Abed. The family business goes on growing from strength to strength, year in and year out. Uhuru is as down-to-earth as can be, offering the best pilao and chapatis in town. Salim is a hands-on person. He oversees the smooth operation of the business. They do a good take-away business. Ask the folks at MTN and The New Vision.

Haandi Restau-rant, Comme-rcial plaza, Kampala. they offer excellent food and are open throughout the week. from their curries to the tandoori items, everything is done with great authenticity. They have now been at their new location for over a year and it is a lovely setting. The service is very good and you will be spoilt and pampered.

Fang Fang Chinese Restaurant, plot 1, Colville street Roof Terrace, Communi-cation House: Open 7 days a week, lunch and supper. The Chinese sage Confuc-ius once remarked that: “Eating is the utmost important thing in life” to which I can only add: “If one must eat the best Chinese food then look no further than Fang Fang. Once again Madam Fang Minhi takes the accolade for having the finest restaurant in the land and having the best Chinese food in town. Her move to Communication House was a bold and timely one. She managed to create a colossus of a restaurant, the likes of which Kampala had never seen. It takes sheer guts, vision and enterprenuership for one to take on the sort of investment and
project that she has undertaken.

Khana Khazana Restaurant, 20 Acacia Avenue , Kololo. Khana Khazana has been around for about five years and remains one of the premiere Indian food joints in Kampala. Easy enough to find on Acacia Avenue and located in a huge sprawling bungalow, it has a very impressive outer garden. Their Dal Maharani is out of this world. And who can resist the tandoori bhavran? These are your good old-fashioned spuds that are charcoal-baked and stuffed with cottage cheese and other spices. On the whole, the food is very good and the owners are always there to take their customer’s orders. We love the place. Closed on Mondays.

Villa Flora, Ristorante Italiano, Plot 62, Lumumba Avenue. Open for lunch and supper from Monday to Saturday. Villa Flora has been around for many years and is ably run by Gianfranco Piva, the owner. He is a man who does his things the old-fashioned way. He makes it a point to greet all his customers and takes their orders. Earlier this year, the restaurant came out with a new menu with pricing that was designed for those who were biting the bullet. I guess it is a thing of the times. The pizzas are tasty. The service is good.

Faze 2, Plot 10 Nakasero Road. Faze 2 is the brainchild of Sam Patel, Liz Taylor and another colleague. The trio brought the hugely successful Sams Restaurant over to Bombo Road. For those of us who are ‘Barbie’ freaks, this is the place to be. They offer a veritable cornucopia of the most delectable, succulent and delicious grilled meats I have come across in the City. The key aspect at Faze 2 is the fact that grilled meat is best cooked using heat and not direct fire. As is so often the case, the results are truly outstanding. As for the Muslims have no fear; all the different types of meats and fish have been set different and distinct compartments. No chance of pork cooked alongside beef.

Pearl Restaurant, Nomo gallery. For good and well prepared local food with a fair sprinkling of continental fare thrown in, then the restaurant would be our choice. Their buffet has many items one loses count. The matooke has always been a strong point at this joint. The price is a modest sh8,000 or thereabouts. While the addition of a luwombo would set you back just sh3,000. The atmosphere is one of comfort and informality. It is open for lunch and supper and closed on Sundays.

Kyber Pass Restaurant, Speke Road, Speke Hotel. Open for lunch and supper seven days a week. Superb Indian food, good ambience and the management is in the very capable hands of Mr. Biju, the indefatigable manager. He is the model of efficiency.


My Ten Favourite City Eat-Outs Are...

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