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Your car, your style

By Vision Reporter

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AN expensive car, they say, speaks volumes about the driver. It speaks of power, wealth and social standing among others.

AN expensive car, they say, speaks volumes about the driver. It speaks of power, wealth and social standing among others.

By Mariah Nerima

AN expensive car, they say, speaks volumes about the driver. It speaks of power, wealth and social standing among others.

Mohammed Kakiika, the headmaster of Vienna College, is a wealthy and powerful man who certainly has high social standing by virtue of his heading one of the good schools in the city. His choice of car? Luxury German vehicles. Kakiika owns a BMW, a Volkswagen and Mercedes, each of which say something about his personality: In his earlier days, he drove the BMW more and he says it boosted his confidence and gave him the determination to succeed.

It is said that much as a BMW is a beautiful car, men driving this machine pay more attention to their own needs than to the people around them.This makes them seem selfish and self-centered. Kakiika admits that the time in his life when he favoured his Beemer more, he was not stable in relationships.

But when that was sorted out, Kakiika became a classy, confident, gentleman; an achiever, financially-stable and self actualised. Now he drives the Mercedes more. It not only reflect his own maturity, but those who see it think of him as a man who has worked hard to achieve what he has. He is a family man and the Mercedes showed that he could be respected. However, he admits, there were some people who thought of him as arrogant and snobbish when they saw the car. Mercedes drivers are seen as snobs because they do not just park anywhere. He needs to find a proper parking where he can leave his car.

Even the professionals agree that a luxury car speaks for the owner. Traders at Spear Motors, the company that deals in high end cars like the Mercedes, Jeep and the like, say they are mostly bought by men in powerful positions, especially the Mercedes E Class. The E-class, a sleek, sophisticated automobile, is mainly used by gentlemen in top managerial ranks, for its comfort, safety and elegance. Such gentlemen are said to be confident, go-getters and powerful.

The G-class, a very masculine and sporty car, portrays the driver as very confident and driven to succeed.

Luxury cars are also a hit with the ladies. Sharon Alinda, 23, loves the Jaguar. It shows a man to be sleek, sexy, confident, suave and adventurous. She says it reminds her of the jungle cat. And James Bond drove a Jaguar XKR in Die Another Day. Sharon has reservations, though. A man with a Jaguar might be a risk: his love for adventure might come off as recklessness

As for Dorothy Mwine, Audis do it. Their spacious and luxurious interior depict the man behind the wheel as classy, dependable, reliable, stable and a family man. But she thinks that despite all these attractive qualities, Audi drivers have a low self-esteem and are a little shy.

Expensive luxury cars speak of power and confidence and, yes, arrogance and snobbery, too, but even less opulent vehicles have a lot to say about the men who drive them.

For example, Toyota Corolla “kikumis” are among the most popular cars in Uganda. There are many reasons why a clever, prudent and judicious man would drive a Kikumi. But making an impression is not one of them. They are common and everybody has one. It makes you blend in instead of standing out. Although Benjamin, an owner of a kikumi himself, feels that it should show that he is a serious person who doesn’t believe in wasting money showing off, ask the ladies what they think and some, like Tina, will flat-out scorn it. If a man in a Kikumi tried to approach her she would dismiss him immediately: “A mean or broke guy” is her assessment!

There are varieties of Toyota, though and all is not lost if you want to impress girls with one. An Ipsum (which is really supposed to be a family car) can suggest that you are a serious, organised fellow, but you do NOT want to drive a Vitz because it’s considered too much a woman’s car. It is too “dainty”. You can score marks with sporty Toyota cars like, the Celica because ladies think a guy driving that car is edgy, sophisticated, sleek and sexy. A mingle of danger and speed; the carefree type who love to live on the edge.

Not everyone drives a Toyota: One brand that is growing in popularity in Uganda is the Nissan. Driving a Nissan suggests that you wish to stand out from the crowd and follow your own path. At Nissan Uganda, the sales people described their automobiles as exuding an aura of independence, determination and self-reliance. So driving one shows that you do not feel the need to be like everybody else with the Toyota.

When it comes to less common brands of cars, let’s look at the Volkswagen: Rachael Rwomushana loves the Volkswagen. She believes that a man driving the VW is artistic, loves vintage stuff, is creative and is likely to be a perfectionist.

Dr. Amelia Nyasani, a psychologist, believes the type of car a man drives is related to their lifestyle in every imaginable way, since most car buyers go for something that suits their lifestyle.

The sporty and edgy guys go for Subarus, Mitsubishis and, if they are wealthier, the G class and most of them, in their relationships, possess most, if not all the general qualities of these cars. They tend to be a little reckless in their relationships, but after a little while, they settle down.

And acording to, gentlemen buy cars that basically suit their characters, though this is mostly done sub-consciously.

So gentlemen, there you have it. What does your car say about you? Are you suited to drive that car?

Your car, your style

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