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Gadaffi: Africa wants dialogue

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THE African Union (AU) member states have called for a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Libya.

THE African Union (AU) member states have called for a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Libya.

THE African Union (AU) member states have called for a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Libya.

This was one of the resolutions adopted by over 35 heads of state and governments of member countries of the AU after day-long discussions yesterday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

President Yoweri Museveni attended the conference.

Museveni had earlier attended the meeting of the AU high level ad-hoc committee on Libya that was formed by five African nations which include Congo Brazzaville, Mali, Mauritania, South Africa and Uganda.

Closing the Extraordinary Summit of the African Union on peace and security issues in Africa, the Chairman of the AU, President Obiang Nguema Mbagoso of Equatorial Guinea, noted that the concerns of the continent’s body was absolute, chiefly to defend the people involved in the crisis in Libya as well as to defend the integrity of the African continent.

He added that the declarations will further strengthen the Unity of Africa as the majority of delegations at the Summit reaffirmed their commitment to the road map prepared by the African Union with to the Libyan crisis.

Libya has been mired in a bloody conflict pitting Kadhafi's forces against opposition rebels since the eruption of massive anti-government protests in mid-February.

An international coalition intervened on March 19, launching air raids and missile strikes under a UN mandate aimed at protecting civilians from Kadhafi's forces. NATO took command of the air campaign on March 31.

The alliance this week intensified bombardments against the Libyan regime, seeking to deliver a decisive blow to Kadhafi's government.

The AU is opposed to the international military action against Moamer Kadhafi's regime and last month proposed a ceasefire plan, which was rejected by the Libyan rebels who insisted on Kadhafi's departure.

President Obiang said the message to the international community is that the AU is expecting greater respect as regards to issues concerning the continent.

Opening the summit earlier, President Obiang expressed the need for African countries to urgently stem the conflicts in some African member countries such the Ivory Coast, the Sudan, Somalia and in countries of North African region because the situation is a threat to peace and stability on the continent.

"The African Union should shoulder the responsibility of finding an everlasting solution to these conflicts", he stressed.

The Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki Moon, who welcomed the holding of the Summit in Addis Ababa, commended the African Union for its contribution in resolving the conflicts in Ivory Coast. He noted that the inauguration of President Allasane Quattara was not only historic for the Ivory Coast and the Sub- Region as a whole, but for the entire African continent.

He noted that normalcy was beginning to emerge in Ivory Coast. He, however, expressed concern about the humanitarian situation in the Sudanese Region of Darfur and in Libya saying the recent meetings, including that of the AU High-Level Ad-Hoc Committee on Libya, had demonstrated the shared resolve to bring an end to the crisis in the country and usher in an era of democracy and peace in Libya.

The Chairman of the African Union Commission, Mr. Jean Ping, said the AU should be at the forefront not only to condemn but also to stem those atrocities that are threatening the achievements so far made and also threatening to tear the continent apart.

Gadaffi: Africa wants dialogue

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