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COVID-19: Universities to change teaching style

By Conan Businge

Added 3rd June 2020 02:19 PM

COVID-19: Universities to change teaching style


Uganda's university education is set to take a new turn, with universities being advised by the Government to start running online courses, and or conduct some of their lectures online.

New guidelines have already been drawn by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE)to be followed by all universities. 

The new guidelines, according to the Executive Director for NCHE Prof. Mary Okwakol, will be released to the universities, once the lockdown has been lifted. 

The guidelines are supposed to be adhered to by all universities in the country; which will be conducting Open, Distance, and eLearning (ODeL).

Many universities all over the world, have switched to online learning on the onset of COVID-19, and many of Uganda's universities were largely left out because they were unprepared.

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