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Is procurement marketable in Uganda?

By Vision Reporter

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Is procurement and logistics Management marketable in Uganda?

Is procurement and logistics Management marketable in Uganda?

Q:Is procurement and logistics Management marketable in Uganda?
Procurement and logistics management is fairly a new discipline in Uganda which makes it marketable. Collin Mpata, the secretary of the international procurement agency, says each company, organisation and government department ought to have a procurement unit, which makes the discipline more marketable.

He says after graduating, one can work as a procurement officer/manager, logistician or supplies manager.

Q: I got 6BCCC in history, economics, divinity and fine art. What degree courses do I qualify for?

A :
You got four principal passes yet the minimum required for admission are two. This means you are eligible for university admission, and to several courses.

These may include, but not limited to, law, journalism and communication, education, social sciences, library and information sciences, arts in economics, business administration (Makerere University Business School), human resources management, and population studies among others.

You can make the choice depending on your future career interests and academic capability.

Q: My brother completed S.4 but cannot make it to A’ level due to financial reasons. He has a dream of joining university later in life. Which courses can he do with his O’ level certificate that can be rated equivalent to A’ level, such that he can still study at university later in life? After doing that course, can he apply directly to university or are there are other channels to take?
A: According to the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) guidelines, O’ level leavers can study certificate courses like Grade III (primary school) teacher and computer certificates among others.

Only A’ level leavers can be admitted for the diploma courses where one can join university for a degree course upon graduation.

Your brother can enroll for a certificate course of his choice at any institution accredited by the council, from where he could do a diploma and later join university through the diploma holders’ scheme.

Alternatively, he can apply for university admission through the Mature Age Entry Scheme if he is aged not below 25 years.

Q: I was given a course on government sponsorship at Makerere University Business School (MUBS). Can l retain my scholarship if I change and do a different course at Makerere University?
MUBS is still under Makerere University. And, as a constituent college, it does not award degrees of its own, but those of Makerere.
Peter Odoki, the MUBS spokesperson, says upon reporting for their first semester, students are given one to two weeks to change courses if they want.

He says you can change to a course offered at Makerere University main campus and still retain your government scholarship. However, when applying for change of academic programmes, you need to put into consideration the cut-off points for each course.

Q: I got D in history, O in economics, O in geography, and E in fine art. What courses can I do at university and at what level?
You scored two principal passes, the minimum required for university admission. Since you passed History and Fine Art, it is better you look out for courses that have those two as the essential subjects.

There are also courses that do not have specific essential subjects. Different universities have various courses you can enroll for.

At Kyambogo University, you may try courses like Bachelor of Art and Industrial Design or Vocational Studies in Art and Design with Education.

There is also community based rehabilitation and adult and community education among others. You may also enroll for diploma courses, if you so wish.

Is procurement marketable in Uganda?

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