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Boy survives sacrifice

By Vision Reporter

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AS Quraishi Goloba played with his siblings recently, a black Toyota Ipsum car came to a stop near him.

AS Quraishi Goloba played with his siblings recently, a black Toyota Ipsum car came to a stop near him.

By Gladys Kalibbala

AS Quraishi Goloba played with his siblings recently, a black Toyota Ipsum car came to a stop near him.

The driver told Goloba he was a friend of his father, Rajab Kasozi Mukasa, a taxi driver. He said Mukasa had sent for Goloba and the 11-year-old believed.

Goloba boarded the car at his parents’ home in Namasuba, near Kampala.

As he drove away, the asssailant realised that Goloba was a Muslim and had been circumcised. Goloba added that from the questions he was asked, he realised the man did not know his father, Mukasa.

Goloba was later abandoned at the bus park in Kampala, from where a Good Samaritan took him to the Central Police Station (CPS).

The P.6 pupil goes to Namasuba UMEA Primary School. He says on the fateful day, his mother, Zaina Nakitende, had left him in charge of his younger siblings.

Semakula got lost in Taxi Park
Shaffiq Semakula’s mother, Amina, owns a kiosk at the Old Taxi Park.

One day, she took him along and left him to guard the goods as she went on an errand. when clients came, the 11-year-old went to look for his mother.

He got lost his way and was taken to the CPS. He told the Police that he does not go to school. His father, Twaha Kaddu, rides a bodaboda in Kitebi.

Nanyanzi was looking for Dad
Brenda Nanyanzi was found wandering on the streets and was handed over to the CPS.

The 11-year-old P.5 pupil told the Police she goes to Makula Islamic Primary School in Bulenga on Mityana highway.

Her mother, Christine, died when she was still a toddler. She had walked from Bulenga to Kampala to look for his father, Godfrey, whom she says makes charcoal stoves.

Kizza was heading to Masaka
Viola Kizza left her aunt, Sarah Nabuuma’s home in Katwe, a city suburb, citing mistreatment.

The 10-year-old decided to look for her parents, Joyce Nalongo and Salongo Baseka in Masaka.

While on her way to Masaka, she was intercepted by a Good Samaritan and handed over to the CPS in Kampala.

Sumaya ran away from beatings
Sumaya Nantongo, 8, ran away from a relative, Carol, whom she accused of beating her.

Nantogo, who was walking with difficulty, said she was harshly beaten. She escaped from the home in Kabowa and walked to the city centre.

As she looked for a road to Kabalagala, a Good Samaritan handed her over to the Police at the Old Taxi Park, which later transferred her to CPS.

She said she studies at St. Joseph Kabowa Primary School in P3. She wanted to go to her father, Hajji Asuman, whom she believes lives in Kabalagala.

Mutesi looks for relatives
Amiina Mutesi, 14, was taken to the Old Kampala Police station after she lost way in Kampala.

She had left her grandmother, Maria’s home in Mubende to look for her siblings, whom she suspects live in Nakulabye.

Kajura got lost in Kampala
Topher Kajura, 15, was picked at the Shoprite supermarket, Clock Tower, in Kampala, as he looked for the road to Masaka.

Kajura had come to look for his elder brother, with the hope that he would get him employment. However, he failed to trace him in Kampala.

He is currently at the CPS in Kampala.

Boy survives sacrifice

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