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Who will bag the $200,000?

By Vision Reporter

Added 29th July 2011 03:00 AM

This Sunday, the curtain comes down on the M-Net reality show, Big Brother Amplified, which has been on TV for the last three months, filmed on location in South Africa.

This Sunday, the curtain comes down on the M-Net reality show, Big Brother Amplified, which has been on TV for the last three months, filmed on location in South Africa.

This Sunday, the curtain comes down on the M-Net reality show, Big Brother Amplified, which has been on TV for the last three months, filmed on location in South Africa.

This season, 26 contestants from 14 African countries entered the race where, as usual, they were crammed in a house where everything they did was filmed and screened for TV audiences across Africa.

Audiences voted out the least entertaining ones on a weekly basis. On Sunday, two of the remaining seven finalists will be awarded $200,000 (sh500m) each.

The finalists are: Uganda’s Sharon, Malawi’s Lomwe, Zimbabwe’s Wendall, Ethiopia’s Hanni, South Africa’s Luclay and Nigeria’s Karen and Vina. Who is most likely to win? NIGEL NASSAR and DUNCAN KUSHABA bring you their Top Four.

Karen, Nigeria

Initially, the general consensus was that she was ugly. Then she got all over everyone’s television screen, with every exciting moment involving her. Just a week into the show and viewers had forgotten she was ugly.

The 27-year-old Nigerian became the entertainment darling of the house, so much so that even though she was up for possible eviction, Africa voted to save her.

Right from dancing on tables, getting involved in verbal wars, making moves on guys she liked, to forcing kisses on whichever dude she felt an impulse to kiss – Karen has done it all and overshadowed her country mate Vina.

At some point, Karen has cried. At another, she has laughed. She has let us in on her hustle-laden life without any inhibitions.

One thing has shone throughout her stay – Karen has been a free spirit, giving us all of her with utmost reality.

This makes her the hardest person to beat. A win for Karen will be well-deserved, for she is jobless back home.

Luclay, South Africa

Call him ‘Lucry’, for he has been the crybaby of the house. But this South African model, for some reason, managed to score with viewers.

Known for throwing tantrums and walking around in his underwear, Luclay was laughing one moment and crying the next.

Then the very next, he was making serious conversation on how his body is beautiful, the reason he has made more money as a model and actor than the rest of the housemates.

Viewers and fellow housemates got mad at him and promised to vote him out. But since nominations for possible eviction came two weeks later, they had forgotten about his stupid deeds, so he survived.

Just a week ago when he turned up on the possible evictees’ list, he was the most saved of the seven nominees, with five countries voting to keep him. Don’t be surprised if Luclay is one of the winners.

Sharon, Uganda

This 25-year-old lead singer with the Obsessions back here started off on a low-key, not saying or doing much.

But she had an ace up her sleeve that did not need putting on the table – being arguably the most beautiful of all the 16 girls this season presented us.

Her hold-back strategy got her bypassed as housemates were nominated for possible eviction. Yet when nominated, viewers saved her just so they could see more of the pretty thing, or see her in a romantic hook-up with a male housemate.

The dudes, especially Lomwe and Wendall, hit on her. She did not say yes, nor did she say no. While we waited for it to grow into real romance, she stealthily made it to the finale.

Then she sang and danced a lot to Jangu, her song with the Obsessions, whose choreography she eventually taught the housemates to viewers’ entertainment.

But one of her biggest strengths has been keeping the dudes at an arm’s length, and not succumbing to their advances. If viewers will not vote her winner for any other reason, they will vote her because she upheld her family values by keeping herself for her fiancé Ronnie Mulindwa.

Her beauty and this are the main reasons she’s a top contender for the prize.

Vote Sharon now. Type Vote Sharon and send your sms to 7117 across all networks. Or vote online via, once every hour.

Lomwe, Malawi

This club deejay and radio presenter might have not said much on the show, but he acted. Tagged the coolest dude on the show, Lomwe had a thing for the girls – only the hottest on the show.

First he cuddled and kissed away the cold South African winter with Ethiopia’s Hanni. And when Hanni ditched him, he shifted the goal posts to our girl Sharon.

But Sharon was neither here nor there. So he hooked up with the easy-going Kim from Zambia, and it became a really heated romance, for they shared beds and could be heard breathing heavily under the covers.

While all this went down, Nigeria’s Vina was seriously chasing after him. Millicent also had a covert thing for him. On the whole, dude had a women magnetism that kept viewers waiting to see who else he was about to hook.

Do not be surprised if he is one of the top two.

Who will bag the $200,000?

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