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Why J Kazoora vomited Sean Kingston’s watch

By Vision Reporter

Added 25th September 2011 03:00 AM

YOU are probably aware that Sean Kingston begrudgingly exchanged his watch with JKazoora at the Sean Kingston Live concert in Lugogo last Friday.

YOU are probably aware that Sean Kingston begrudgingly exchanged his watch with JKazoora at the Sean Kingston Live concert in Lugogo last Friday.

YOU are probably aware that Sean Kingston begrudgingly exchanged his watch with JKazoora at the Sean Kingston Live concert in Lugogo last Friday.

Talent Africa Boss Aly Allibhai, who was partly responsible for Kingston’s visit, called it a showbiz stunt. Kazoora actually went on Facebook and called his act a prank, adding that he returned the watch shortly after. But real details as to why he returned the R&B artiste’s watch have emerged. Moles backstage indicate that as Kingston reluctantly exchanged his expensive watch with Kazoora’s Rolex, Kingston’s mother, Janice Elizabeth Turner, was furious backstage.

We are told the annoyed mum, who by the way has served a jail term before, swore there was no way she would look on as her son made a loss. With a mean bouncer in tow, says our source, the woman approached Kazoora backstage. The next thing we saw was Kazoora handing the watch back and picking up his Rolex.

Sharon O for more deals
It pays to be beautiful. No one knows this better than Obsessions’ Sharon O, who is currently living in the fast lane, courtesy of her beauty having been showcased on the M-Net reality show Big Brother Amplified. Ever since she returned from the show in South Africa having won sh26m for making it to the finale, life has totally changed.

The beauty has not settled in one country for more than two weeks. Just a few days back, Sharon O was paid a huge sum of money to appear at a social event in Nigeria. Upon her return last Wednesday, we caught up with her to hang out with her fan. And just amidst the hanging out, she received a call from a South African travel agent confirming her travel this weekend. The beauty will spend the weekend in Johannesburg shooting a commercial for some company.

Like the layman says, the airplane has become a taxi for her. Meanwhile, she has recently acquired herself a black Nissan Murano. But she seems not conversant with the functions of the cool ride, for she fumbled with putting down the power window even after ignition. You will learn, buddy. Blitz is happy for you though.

Katatumba buys chopper
When categorising the wealthy folks in Uganda, Bonny Katatumba is one of those from way back, categorised in the ‘old money’ class. And to prove it, the property mogul has rejoined one of the aristocratic businesses he pioneered in Uganda way back in the 1980s – a private airline he called Katatumba Airlines. He is back at it as you read this, but under a different name.

The business man, who also doubles as the Pakistan consul to Uganda, has flown in a brand new Bell 407 passenger helicopter, a seven-seater categorized as a long ranger. The chopper, which has flown only for 19 hours and set Katatumba back by $3.8m (sh6.2b) is to operate commercially under Aberdair Aviation. Aberdair is headquartered in Kenya, and has affiliated operations in Ethiopia, Uganda and Ghana, with Katatumba as the chairman here. In an interview, Katatumba, also a trained pilot, said the Civil Aviation Authority is yet to clear the new baby for commercial operations, which should happen soon.

Bell 407s all over the world are frequently used for corporate and offshore transport, as an air ambulance, for law enforcement, electronic news gathering and movie making. In the meantime, Katatumba has applied to Air Navigations at Entebbe to allow him use it as a private jet before CAA’s clearance.

Ashawo’s tormentor
You would not blame Nigerian musician Mr. Flavour for having high hormonal and testosterone activity in his body when he entered Silk Lounge for his meet-and-greet party. From his reserved seat, his eyes scanned through the crowd. Although many big-name socialites like Sylvia Owori were fast to jostle for his attention, Mr. Flavour’s eye was caught by this skimpily clad woman.

No sooner had the lady walked past him with her male companion than Mr. Flavour’s bouncers accosted her asking for the woman’s details and a chance to have her meet him privately. The babe scoffed at the Noir Baby singer’s suggestions and marched out of the club, saying Ashawo was not her type. Wow!

Hands off AK47 - Chameleone tells Weasel
The feuding sibling artistes Jose Chameleone and Weasel (Gudlyfe Crew) have kept their showbiz rivalry fresh. The feud has taken a new twist with the introduction of their younger sibling AK47, whose music career has taken a sudden turn for the better. After AK47 released a song urging his brothers to put away their differences, Weasel has since been trying to lure him into joining the Gudlyfe Crew and quitting Chameleone’s Leone Island crew.

Chameleone, who has nurtured AK47 over a long time, has been waiting for his chance to pounce. The chance presented itself during a recent phone call, where Weasel had reportedly called AK47 and was at the sweet-talking game again.

Chameleone, we are told, surfaced from nowhere, grabbed the phone from AK47’s ear and warned Weasel not to dare steal AK47 away from him; otherwise Chameleone will discipline the latter.

Why J Kazoora vomited Sean Kingston’s watch

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