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Imperialism at work

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IMPERIALISM is an economic system which is a higher economic stage of a lower economic phase referred to as capitalism. Capitalism means head.

IMPERIALISM is an economic system which is a higher economic stage of a lower economic phase referred to as capitalism. Capitalism means head.

By Kajabago-ka-Rusoke

IMPERIALISM is an economic system which is a higher economic stage of a lower economic phase referred to as capitalism. Capitalism means head.

The money used to start business is called capital, meaning head money. The people who produce this money to start business are called capitalists.

Capitalism is a social system based on private ownership in the means of production. It is a system that splits society into two groups. One owning means of production while the other does not.

Both groups work but one with property uses only mental labour while the other uses both mental and physical labour and is mainly responsible for the production of all items for consumption in that society. The one that owns wealth employs the other and pay them wages for the labour force supplied.

The tools and the raw materials used are all previously produced by labourers but all the products belong to the employer who sells them to recover the money spent in production. The money got above what was used is called profit.

Profit comes from underpaying the labourers. The worker will not understand it because all the hours they spend labouring are incorporated in the item they produced for the employer who sells it behind their backs.

The employer exchanges it with cash for the number of hours spent on it but does not share the receipts fairly with the labourer. The number of hours that have actually been paid is one thing, but the number of hours not paid for, and which represent the profit of the employer, is another. This is surplus labour unpaid for and the worker is cheated.

  • The accumulation of the results of labour which was not paid for, is the first phase of imperialism.

  • As this amount becomes more and more, the employer finds it imperative to stock it in an institution which comes to be known as bank. This leads to an alliance between the industrial units with the banking systems. This is the second phase of imperialism.

  • Within the bank, there develops a tight authoritative group which controls the entire financial network of the banking system. This is what is known as the financial oligarchy. This is a third phase of imperialism.

  • Employers form unions like cartels, trusts, and syndicates which engage in regular examination as to how they operate, plus their day-to-day relations with their employees. They become tightly collectivistic as a class. This is phase four.

  • During the period of the formation of unions, they carry out international research comparing costs and receipts affecting their economic units on their own territories. When a syndicate, trust or cartel, finds that their production of the items on their territory is costing more than if they produced the same in another foreign territory, they decide to shift their business to a country where production can be cheaper than in their own country.

  • That means the labour of a foreign country is cheaper but producing same items which can be imported in their own country from which they exported capital to the country from which they are producing them now. This phase affects people in two ways:
    (i) Shifting capital leaves the nationals unemployed and the rest un-served.
    (ii) The labourers in the foreign country where labour is considered cheaper are exploited.

    This is the fifth phase of imperialism referred to as the export of capital as opposed to the export of commodities and that is its nature.

  • Imperialism is monopolistic and parasitic capitalism.

  • It is a system based on selfish interests.

  • The deep desire and ambition to invest in foreign countries even leads to bravery to annex and capture those territories. This is a higher stage of imperialism referred to as colonialism.

  • Today, it has been overthrown but the struggle to restore it still remains as long as the economic system of imperialism is based on military powers and an economic base far more developed and advanced than those of other territories whose resources are wanted by those very imperialists.
    All the capitalist classes at the stage of imperialism today have a military force referred to as North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) ready to be used to attack any weak foreign territory where they think its resources should be of benefit to them.

  • These capitalist classes govern the United States of America plus the whole of Western Europe.

  • Cuba’s Guantanamo was confiscated by the capitalist.

  • The capitalist class wanted oil from Iraq, but told a lie that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. They conquered it and killed its president.

  • They have a territory called Israel in the Middle East which they have turned into a spring board, a satellite state, extended territory and a client state in order to govern and control the whole of the Middle East. The intention in the Middle East is oil.

  • They have Saudi Arabia whose Head of State and Government are never elected, but they never attack it as non-democratic because of the alliance they have with it concerning oil and neutralising the Middle East against those who would be anti-imperialist.

  • They ruled South Africa under a system of racial segregation and discrimination. There arose a young man, Steve Biko who said that was wrong. They shot him dead. Then came Nelson Mandela who also said the system was wrong and bad. They put him in prison for 27 years. They listed him among terrorists. Mandela was a terrorist to imperialism; Imperialism was innocent; Mandela was a terror to the good people, the imperialists.
  • Land in Zimbabwe was grabbed by imperialists. Their descendants continue having it. The present people of Zimbabwe are descendants of the robbed while the land owners are descendants of robbers. When Mugabe says return our land it is when he is a very wrong person on the part of imperialists.

  • Iran is developing nuclear power for use at home. The imperialists claim the power is intended for fighting their allies and puppets in the Middle East. They do not want any other country to develop nuclear power when they have it in the way they want.

  • Libya was a country conquered by imperialist Italy. Later ruled by a king up to 1969, when a native soldier overthrew that king. The native soldier, with his colleagues, began administering the territory as a sovereign state and they exercised welfare for all. Later divisions within the population occurred and those opposing the leadership chose violence.

  • Libya has a lot of resources in terms of oil. The imperialists immediately took advantage of this and began recruiting those who would get rid of the long-term leadership which all along was opposed to imperialism.

    This is an African country under African Union which advised that instead of violence people should debate.

    However, imperialists decided to pick on their own created puppets, armed them and supported them with their air force. They have now surrounded many oil fields which was their aim in Libya.

    When colonialism falls, imperialists try to make sure a former colony has a government in the hands of puppets.

    Puppets are petty-bourgeois oriented nationals of a former colony who still want to collaborate closely and in a friendly way with imperialists in order to utilise the resources of their own country for self aggrandisement. They open up bank accounts in the imperialist countries as they plunder their own countries.

    • When imperialists find the former colony has already been captured by patriots, they try to recruit and infiltrate the opposition or the army in that country so that they overthrow the patriots who are of no benefit to them.

    • Imperialism has no permanent friend but permanent interest.

    • Al-qa-eda is an effect but not a cause of problems.

    • Imperialism is the cause and responsible for the rise of al-qa-eda. The only problem is the methods of work by al-qa-eda in opposing imperialism. Otherwise there should be a constant struggle by many and more against imperialism globally and, imperialism means the USA and Western European ruling capitalist classes.

    • Instead of discussing “why” people are fighting, the discussions and debates finally are “how” they are fighting each other but in order finally see imperialism win.

    • Imperialism is the global axis of evil.

    • ICC and UN are rubber stamps of imperialists with extreme dirty standards of behaviour that contradict each other.

    • The countries of imperialism have very high standards of science, technology, and economy but the most backward in ethics, in the whole world.

    • Drug trafficking, prostitution, cases of suicide, a student with a gun shooting fellow students at school, confiscating other people’s territories, wrong methods in the banking systems causing bankruptcy and negative national economic anxiety, dirtying national spiritual life in homes and work places, unemployment.

    • Every government in the hands of patriots-matriots in the former colonies, should examine thoroughly the economic mechanisms arranged to deal with “so-called” aide, trade and all sorts of transactions which can damage society by putting in place nationally bleeding economies in the former colonies.

    • All governing patriots-matriots in the former colonies should check strictly on the behaviour of opposition parties which go out to ask former colonialists and imperialists to control or interfere in the behavior of nationally governing patriots.

    • Such opposition parties should be
    properly hit on the head and suppressed to a point of no return to fooling national circles.

    • Such language like “aide”, or “donor” should be obliterated. For there is only Lending and Borrowing of money, then paying back with interest which is trade but not charity.

    • There should not be any military base by any imperialist country in any former colony.

    • There should not be any economic block combining all former colonies and yet headed by the Head of state of the very country that had conquered and subjugated those same countries.

    • Should there be any need for economic cooperation by those former colonies which were subjugated in common by that Head of a former colonial power, such cooperation can be allowed but without being headed by that very Head of the former colonial power.

    • If the above continues, it is tantamount to apologizing to that Head that although we apparently became independent, we are still obedient children to that parent. Then sorry about what happened – to become independent.

    • That is very clear of a slave mentality.

    • All forces that hate imperialism should unite from all continents of the globe irrespective of race or nationality but in the struggle for peace, friendship and love on behalf of all beings which are hu-man and hu-woman, against exploitation of one group by another where we should know that the globe is not too small for all of us but only our hearts are failing to accommodate it for the benefit of all.

    Lecturer at Kyankwanzi

    Imperialism at work

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