COVID-19: LivingGoods donates medical supplies to fight virus

Apr 20, 2020

Health Minister Dr. Ruth Aceng commended LivingGoods for the support.

As part of the efforts to fight the coronavirus, LivingGoods, a non-profit organisation has donated assortment of medical supplies to the COVID-19 National task force.

Among the items donated includes 2,000 bottles of sanitizers, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and infection control items for over 4,300 Village Health Teams (VHTs), essential medicines for children under 5 years, ACTs for treating malaria, amoxicillin, ORS and zinc and paracetamol.

The country director Emilie Chambert said the drugs will be distributed to the 4,300 Village Health Teams in 19 districts of  Lira, Wakiso, Kampala, Iganga, Mbale, Kalangala, Jinja, Kayunga and Mpigi, Masaka, Luwero, Manafwa, Namisindwa and Sironko among others.

"We are providing the 4,300 VHTs we support with free essential medicines during this crisis to ensure that nothing prevents the millions of households from accessing life-saving care for easily treatable, preventable diseases, on top of the sensitisation on Covid-19," Chambert said.

LivingGoods believes that VHTs are essential members of the healthcare system and is fully aligned with the Ministry of Health guidelines stipulating that they wear PPE's such as gloves, sanitizers and masks as they respond to COVID-19 or while providing other primary health services during the pandemic.

 Health Minister Dr. Ruth Aceng commended LivingGoods for the support.

"You work closely with communities in villages, and I have always reported that the most important tool in public health response are the communities. If you empower the communities,  your response will go as planned," Aceng said.

LivingGoods also contributed technical support to Ministry of Health to develop Covid-19 guidelines for VHTs, reprinting of 600,000 information education communication materials and distribution of the materials in 19 districts. In addition they have also provided technical support to develop the VHT guidelines among others.

Dr Diana Nambatya, the Universal Health Coverage co-chair Africa said in order to achieve Universal Health Coverage, Primary health Care (PHC) has to be at the centre

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