Her demands forced me to become single - Sesa Bat

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She would crave for an iPhone, Uber, and upkeep at the same time. This has forced him to remain single

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She would crave for an iPhone, Uber, and upkeep at the same time. This has forced him to remain single

For his comic Facebook videos and Adobe Photoshop memes, Tendo Nasser alias Sesa Bat has earned himself a big fan base of more than 2,600 followers on his social media pages. Tendo calls himself the king of Photoshop. He brands himself as the only living mammal that makes Photoshop look real. However, many have known him for his so much obsession with Zari since most of his jokes are centered on his undying love for the socialite. 
Who is Sesa Bat?
Sesa bat is 29 years old. He grew up with a single mother Jesca Muwanguzi. Tendo would later abandon his Makerere University Bachelor’s degree in community phycology for online comedy.
His breakthrough into the online space started with emoji faces four years ago where he would get an emoji and imitate it. 
He did it jokingly and never knew that it could cross borders.
Before he knew it, people from Nigerian, Ghana, Australia started calling him in appreciation of his work. It was at this point that is when he realized that he can actually make people laugh.
He loudly brags about it as he narrates on how it has really earned him much money.
Students who have failed to make it to the graduation list ask him to photoshop them into the function, and to create pictures dressed in the graduation gown. They pay him for that.


Tendo also uses the internet to market clients’ goods through social media by promoting artists’ songs. He does this through challenges of their original songs and this attracts a fee of not less than shs. 200,000 Uganda Shillings. 
He adds that some artists also pay him to talk about them on social media. 
His comedy bases on events taking place and therefore progressive. However, not all has been a success for him, his jokes have however rubbed some personalities the wrong way. 
The latest victims including Martha Kay who once got mad at him when he made comedy out of nudes and Frank Gashumba also got mad at him as well and blocked him when he made Photoshop of a pregnant Sheila Gashumba. 
Online comedy is his main source of income and it pays his bills. This explains how he has managed to open himself a snack shop and also bought land in Mukono, where he is currently growing food crops.
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Love gone sower
Sesa Bat lost his virginity in Primary seven. His first serious relationship with a one Loraine but didn’t go well since his girlfriend was so demanding.
He wonders how she would crave for an iPhone, Uber, and upkeep at the same time. This has forced him to remain single and never to put his relationship in the limelight. 
Sesa also cites more social media in-laws who make mean comments whenever he is into a new relationship.
Whenever people see him posting a new girl all the time, they at times end up wondering what went wrong with his life.
His fear is that at times, people on social media provide negative information about the people one loves and this hurts.
However, he has an obsession with light skilled women. Tendo admits that he has a crush on Pia Pounds and Lydia Jazmine.
The 29-year-old reveals how being single has given time to visit his ssenga for better tips on how to handle women. His aunt advises him to take water, adding that he shouldn’t treat her woman like a housemaid at home.

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