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Reactions: Weekend public holidays for weekdays?

By Ruth Nasejje

Added 21st February 2020 02:43 PM

Ugandans react to Rakai Woman MP's suggestion to have public holidays that fall on weekends shifted to weekdays.

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Ugandans react to Rakai Woman MP's suggestion to have public holidays that fall on weekends shifted to weekdays.

“The public holidays (amendment) bill, 2020” did not see its way after Thursday when Parliament voted against the proposal by Rakai Woman MP Juliet Ssuubi Kinyamatama to have all Public holidays that fall on weekends moved to weekdays.

Kinyamatama submitted that Ugandans need enough time to feel the true meaning of a public holiday.

Just like any debate, Ugandans have mixed reactions towards MP Kinyamatama’s intended proposal. These are some of them we picked from today’s #NewVisionBigDebate.





These are some of your Facebook reactions. 

 Daman Tlinks Uganda, why can't someone in Parliament propose that Kilembe mines copper mining should begin than raising Kidish issues in the Parliament with the people who are supposed to be called the brains of the country. But now are showing off to the whole world that they are still thinking like kids.

What can a developed country think of Ugandans if this is the way we still think. Why can't we think of developmental ideas in our country?

To me, holidays are the days you are supposed to spend passing time and enjoying different new places to break boredom and such holidays are enjoyable in developed countries.

That's why you see them visiting countries like Uganda for their holidays and leisure which means spending lots of money, but can a Ugandan "munasi" - native manage this kind of life?

Let's first mind about developing our country first then the others shall come after. Ugandans come on, wakeup, please. 2021 general elections should be the door for us to kick out such MPs from Parliament.

I call upon all Ugandans to account their MPs so that we can kick them out because some of them are useless to us.

Elidat Francis 2021 The Government should just set up a special committee to have elected MPs also vetted before sworn into Parliament. And whoever is found childish in thought must be censured immediately. For God and My Nation

Ruth Adorn Amba In Kenya any public holiday that falls on a Sunday apart from Easter Sunday, it is yes noticed but its observance and celebration are pushed to Monday. Maybe it can work for us also here.

Dorreen Fdee At least Rakai woman MP has said something in that parliament though it's silly, some of our MP's went mute in that parliament 💯 and are planning to reactivate next year, but we shall see.
I am talking about Arua woman MP ooh.

Beisgye Jimmy Uganda has many problems, like disease, poverty, and ignorance, as an MP, I find her not in her senses to start tackling none issues like holidays, that is idle talk Madam Kinyamatama.

Aino Mugisha Lausa Which is very true I support her this year we are making losses.

Prince Martinz Kuloba So for example, when Xmas is on weekend, we shift it to weekdays, is that normal.

John Ojara Olanya She is 10000% right, I support it.

Bush Doug Give this woman a medal.

Pro Ssy Does any holiday put food on my table?

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