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Midwife arrested over stealing newborn baby

By Moses Bikala

Added 19th February 2020 09:41 PM

The Busoga East police spokesperson, James Mubi, said they arrested Kulume as she attempted to board a taxi to Kampala with the stolen baby.

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Rosemary Kulume, a midwife suspected of stealing a baby at Namutumba Central Police Station. (Photo by Moses Bikala)

The Busoga East police spokesperson, James Mubi, said they arrested Kulume as she attempted to board a taxi to Kampala with the stolen baby.

The Police in Namutumba district are holding a 39-year-old midwife  over alleged  theft of a newly born baby.

Rosemary Kulume reportedly stole the baby from its mother who had delivered from her clinic located in Buyima zone, Busembatya town council in Bugweri district.
The mother of the baby,Jalia Tayona, said she was admitted at the facility at around 10pm yesterday but gave birth to a bouncing baby girl at around 2am but was shocked four hours later, after returning from taking a shower and find her baby missing.
Tayona reportedly raised an alarm at around 6:30am upon returning from the bathroom that attracted locals who mounted a search for the mid wife.
The LC1 chairman of Buyima zone, Daniel Isabirye, said the accused was arrested 30 minutes later as she attempted to board a taxi to Kampala.
Isabirye said the midwife who had rented the premises from the land lady, Salima Rau, for three months, had not officially introduced herself to authorities in the area.
He said for the short time God is Good Health Centre has been operational, the accused had been offering free services to expectant mothers, something that shocked authorities and locals.
“People were wondering where the midwife has been earning money to pay two of her workers yet its only deliveries that are carried out at the private clinic," he said
Tayona said she had overheard the midwife speak to someone on phone, saying there was a deal but simply ignored the conversation since she was feeling tired.
“I thought may be the midwife had some deals she was chasing with some people elsewhere but not babies," she said.
Upon interrogation at Namutumba Central Police Station, Kulume confessed to having stolen the baby in order to take to someone only identified as Margret in Nakawa, Kampala.
Margret reportedly has over 10 midwives spread across the entire country that she has hired to take newly-born babies and later pay sh2m upon delivery.
Kulume said Margret who had paid her three months’ rent at the clinic always pays her sh2m for every baby.
However, the accused did not disclose where Margret was taking the babies.
The chairperson of health workers in Busembatya and Namutumba districts,Charles Waiswa, said the accused had not reported to them about her presence and work  in the area.
The Police spokesman for Busoga east, James Mubi, said investigations into the matter were still underway to establish why the accused was involved in theft of babies.

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