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Parliament speaks out on melee

By Vision Reporter

Added 19th February 2020 04:33 PM

Parliament rules dictate that nobody can enter Parliament chambers with a gun.

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Parliament rules dictate that nobody can enter Parliament chambers with a gun.


Parliament has spoken out on the fracas that took place in the House During the plenary when two people jumped from the gallery into the House.

The two individuals identified as Mutasa Kafero and a one Senjako Dafala who reportedly belong to the Redtop Brigade, a political activist group in Kampala.
The upheaval unfolded when Maracha East MP James Achidri was on the floor submitting to  the statement  by the minister of lands, and in no minute, the intruders were overheard shouting from the strangers' gallery “we are tired of corruption.”
In a flash of a second, they jumped over the rails in the public gallery down into the chambers disrupting the sitting.
It took the intervention of the staff of the Sergeant at Arms of Parliament, the Police and the legislators themselves to apprehend the intruders.
The New Vision established that the invaders accessed Parliament formally by signing into the registration book with their full names.
The smartly dressed and presentable invaders were able to beat the tight security at parliament under the guise that they had come to attend plenary sessions that were under way. 
The attack took many MPs by aback sending many into a wave of fear, leaving the Shema North mp Naome Kibaaju unconscious after collapsing.
The intention of the attacks hasn’t been established but they left leaflets that contained a message that related to the scraping off of the presidential age limit.
  “Ugandans never forget all MPs who accepted the bribe from the president to support the removal of age limit in 2017 must not be elected in any position of leadership and the public should isolate them because they are the worst enemies of our country. “The statement read. 

According to Parliament's twitter handle, two strangers jumped into the chambers of Parliament interrupting the session.

“Two strangers who jumped into the Chamber from the visitors’ gallery and the Sergeant at Arms apprehended them. The two are being interrogated by the police. 


Parliament rules dictate that nobody can enter Parliament chambers with a gun. During the debate on age limit last year, Parliament was thrown into panic when an MP rose to the floor and accused water minister Ronald Kibuule of having a gun. 

The Speaker halted Parliament business and ordered a search on all MPs to confirm the allegations. Although the gun was never seen, MPs insisted that it had been smuggled out during the search.

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