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2019 gains towards universal electricity access

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Added 15th January 2020 08:55 PM

Statement from REA's Executive Director

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Statement from REA's Executive Director

During 2019, the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) continued to implement its mandate towards the goal of universal access by 2035, through main grid extension, the establishment of mini-grids and a bigger drive on the access (electricity connections) agenda.

REA is also supporting UNBS in the setting and observance of standards for stand-alone solar PV systems, whose acquisition still remains in the realm of consumer goods on the open market.

Two flagship projects were implemented whose main outcomes will be many more Ugandans accessing electricity services and a much greater geographical coverage of the electricity distribution network.

The first project was the implementation of the “free” Electricity Connections Policy which took off in earnest during the year, having been flagged off on 1st November 2018. To-date, about 230,000 connections have been made to the main grid since takeoff as compared to an average of 70,000 in previous years. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON THIS STATEMENT 



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