How to wear the gomesi

Dec 07, 2019

From a sash that will not stay in place, to material that keeps sliding away, the trouble it takes to put on a gomesi might not seem worth it. But with a little practice, you will soon be getting dressed effortlessly.


Getting a gomesi on properly can be, for the inexperienced person, something of a nightmare. From a sash that will not stay in place, to material that keeps sliding away, the trouble it takes might not seem worth it. However, with a little information, some tricks and some practice, you will soon be getting dressed effortlessly.

Before you put your gomesi on, you need to wear a kikoyi, the thick cotton fabric worn underneath. The kikoyi is wrapped around the body several times (three or four, depending on size of material and  wearer). Tie a string (or tie or belt) around your waist and ensure it is firm. Then release the top part of the kikoyi (above the waist) and let it fall neatly over the lower part.

Remember to stand with feet far apart (about a foot) while wrapping the kikoyi  around the body, so that you have room enough to walk comfortably after you fasten it.


Step 1

Put the gomesi on and do up both buttons. Let the longer side flow to the ground as you straighten the inner extra material.


Step 2

Tuck the extra piece inside; you can tuck it into your bra or fasten it to your bra with a safety pin to ensure it stays in place



Step 3

Pick up the flowing, longer material and fold it into about five pleats, and tuck them under you arm or chin, to ensure they do not unravel.




Step 4

Tie a string around your middle/ waist, and ensure it is tight enough to hold throughout the function, but not too tight that you cannot sit or eat comfortably. The string helps to hold the sash in place. You can let the pleats fall neatly down at this point.



Step 5

Put the sash around your waist, making sure one side remains a little longer than the other.


Step 6

Tie a knot, with the longer side going under the string and pull both sides tightly until the fit feels snug.


Step 7

Tie a second knot with the longer side, so that eventually, both sides flow in equal length down the front of the outfit. If one side of the sash is longer than the other, you have to undo the second knot and adjust it until it is just right.


Step 8

Check the pleats and ensure they are hanging over the sash in neat folds.




Photography: AbsolutResolution

Beats by Deryk

Hair: Ashilys hair and makeup

Styling: Rebecca Nalunga

Gomesis: Kitty Fashionz, Shop A3 Zam Zam Plaza and Shop 267 Kooki Plaza, opposite CPS



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