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Celebrating 10 years of Uganda-China South-South Co-operation

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Celebrating 10 years of Uganda-China South-South Co-operation

The Uganda- China South-South Cooperation was technical assistance under the South-South Co-operation (SSC) with the People’s Republic of China in support of the Agricultural Sector Strategy Plan (ASSP) in Uganda.

Phase 1 of the Uganda-China South-South Co-operation (SSC) was successfully implemented between 2012 and 2014. Nevertheless, after reviewing the successful results and lessons learned from SSC Phase 1 Project, the Government of Uganda identified that the insufficiency of capacity was still the main constraint in its agricultural development and food security.

It is on this basis that The SSC Phase 2 Project supported the implementation of ASSP, country programming framework and other agricultural policies aimed at enhancing capacity development, national food security and household incomes in Uganda, as well as promoting trade and investment in agriculture. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON THIS STORY 



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