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I have been learning all this time, but I am at a point where I feel ready to release music.

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I have been learning all this time, but I am at a point where I feel ready to release music.

Brian Kaganda aka Brian Weiyz is a new recording artiste in Uganda’s music industry. he is energetic and enthusiastic about Afrobeat music. Kaganda says he only has time for his music. He has already recorded a hit song with Fille Mutoni called Wekole Byonna. David Lukiiza had a chat with him.

Do you have a girlfriend?
If you are talking about a relationship, then no, I do not have time for relationships, because I know it is another investment.

Did you say being in a relationship is an investment?
Yeah, just know that a girl needs time and money to keep her around, which I do not have right now.

What qualities are you looking at?
Hahahahaa, I do not want to be discriminative on this, but let us believe God for His timing.

But not all girls like money like you said
Now that means you are going to be sharing that girl with someone else who has both (time and money).

When did you join the music industry?
It is now two years of struggle in the industry. I did not know music is a struggle.

Why do you say you have struggled?
Well, I have been learning all this time, but I am at a point where I feel ready to release music.

How many songs have you recorded so far?
Over six songs, with more coming.

Don’t you think you are going to have issues with Brian White over the name?
Hahaha why and how? I only think we have one name in common — Brian— a Christian name.

What about weiyz and White?
Hahaha Brian white is too busy to think about comparisons for names. However, Weiyz is my brother’s name. He lives in the US.

You studied industrial design at University, are you practicing it?
Yes, I do and I have worked on big projects, such as Momo Nyabo, Afrigo’s Tugende Mukikadde.

How is the industry so far?
Well, it is challenging, with a lot of barriers from some mean long-serving artistes, media and friends, who I thought would stand with us. However, fresh boyoos like me are here to stay.

Is there any big artiste who has belittled you?
Some have tried, but I believe in myself. Some big artistes are my friends because we believe in the same things.

Who writes your Music?
I write my own music, but I always give it to two more friends for preview, before I record it.

You are a handsome young man, how do you deal with stalkers?
I always find a way, because I know I cannot run away from them since many are my fans.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I see myself as a cerebrated recording artiste, with over 500 recorded songs.

Any mistake you wish not to do in this industry?
For now, I cannot be specific of what mistakes, but I personally hate errors, especially with the people I do music with.

Do you think talent can keep you in the music industry forever?
That is 100% wrong.

Why do you say so?
I have seen talented musicians who have fallen, not because they do not know how to sing, but because of indiscipline.

Any international musician you would like to record a song with?
I think I would love to record with any talented artiste.

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