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What are the things you can do before you join senior five?

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What are the things you can do before you join senior five?

Computer classes are a great way to spend your vacation 
Now that the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) exams are complete, many students are pondering what to do between now and when they return to school next year.
What are the things you can do before you join senior five? 
Computer training
Computer literacy has become important in our lifetime. So important it has become that some consider it a life skill.  So you need to find a place to enroll at a training centre so that you learn how to use a computer. 
“Learning how to use a computer when you are young is fun. There is a whole world out there waiting for you when you learn how to use a computer. That could be the start of an amazing journey in the field of coding, or building software,” says Alan Okopa, an Information Technology specialist.
Learn a foreign language
We live in an increasingly global village. Yes, you can speak the English language, but if you can learn an additional language like German or French, then why not? This could just give you that extra edge in a highly competitive world that we live in.
There are several organisations that can help you learn these languages in Kampala. Some have already started registering students for these short courses.
Why should you care about learning a second international language?
“Having a second international language is important in this ever increasingly competitive world. More and more international organisations are looking for people who can speak two international languages,” says Josephine Nyakato, an official at Alliance Francaise in Kampala, an organization that promotes the French language and culture.
Sports training
There are some individuals who are giving back to society, by trying to nurture the next crop of Uganda’s sporting stars in disciplines such as basketball and rugby.

 Visit tourist sites in Uganda

There are some free of charge basketball programmes, where youngsters are helped to develop their skills, for example, the Score Beyond programme which works with young girls who are passionate about the game and want to learn it. There are also camps for both boys and girls, some of which, you will be required to pay a modest fee to cater for logistics such as transporting coaches and paying for venues.
Angella Namirimu, an instructor with Score Beyond programme says enrolling for a sports training camp this holiday has many benefits.
“You got to keep yourself busy and be social while doing some different activities. Sport is very good for your health. Basketball is fun, cool and helps build your self-esteem. You get to meet new friends and lots of other people and you become good at it, it can take you places.”
Namirimu herself started with basketball camps. She went on to get scholarships in her education, and won national titles with the Uganda Christian University (UCU) Lady Canons, and even played for the national basketball team.
Vocational training
Do you want to learn how to make a chair, or fix a car? You can learn these valuable vocational skills this holiday.
There are several institutions that will offer you a three-month course on vocational and technical skills in the field of mechanics, electrical, plumbing, bricklaying, and concrete practice.
You may also enroll for a professional course such as the Accounting Technician. Taking on an accounting technician’s course is a sure way of setting you on the path of professional accountancy.
The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU), the national body for professional accountants in Uganda, offers two roots through which one can become a professional accountant through ICPAU; the flagship Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Uganda and an accounting technician (AT), which is a foundation of the accountancy profession.
 Acquire some vocational skills
Fredrick Kibedi, a council member at ICPAU says it is a good idea for those on vacation, who hope to one day become professional accountants, to enroll for an accounting technician course this holiday.
“Doing the accounting technician’s course is sufficient preparation for the young people who hope to do the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Uganda CPA programme in the future,” he says.
Visit tourist sites in Uganda
Forget about the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre in Entebbe which you went to on a school tour, how many of you have seen a lion, a giraffe, an elephant in their natural habitats in the game parks across Uganda? Not many! If your parents can afford to take you to a game park in this holiday, then why not go for it?
Some tour operators and hotels in the national parks offer special packages for holidaymakers, so if you can afford one, then why not?

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