Uganda's famous sport personalities - Part 1

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We bring you picture profiles of Uganda's famous sport personalities

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We bring you picture profiles of Uganda's famous sport personalities

Charlie Lubega (Rally driver)

Charlie Lubega a 4-time national champion and won the Pearl 3 times


 harlie ubega abrice ulinda obert abushenga rartin liker and r lan honubi at a dinner(L-R) Charlie Lubega, Fabrice Rulinda, Robert Kabushenga, Dr.Martin Aliker and Mr. Alan Shonubi at a dinner



ally drivers harlie ubega left and apans iyoshi ideaki at ubiri 1342007Rally drivers Charlie Lubega (left) and Japan's Miyoshi Hideaki at Lubiri 13/4/2007.


harlie ubega and haka haka during the  awards at unyonyo in ctober 2003Charlie Lubega and Chaka Chaka during the PAM awards at Munyonyo in October, 2003


usan and harlie ubega during the   in 2012Susan and Charlie Lubega during the USPA GALA in 2012






Chipper Adams (Rally driver)

He is known for car racing. However, after an accident in 2001 and later being shot at in 2006, Chipper Adams gave up the sport to pursue his dream of assembling cars.

hipper dams gets ready for his turn during ngen sprint at aruga 1812004Chipper Adams gets ready for his turn during Engen sprint at Garuga 18/1/2004



Godfrey Nyakana (Boxing)

A former professional boxer who retired in 1997. Made a comeback in 2003 but was defeated by Tanzanian Oswald Maneno leading to his eventual retirement. In August 2009 he was elected unopposed as Uganda Amateur Boxing Federation president replacing UOC president Rogger Ddungu who resigned amid conflicts in the sport.

odfrey yakana  in training with eo anana at  gym in preparation for a non title ommon wealth elimination fight against swald aneno of anzania ec 9 2003Godfrey Nyakana (R) in training with Deo Wanana at KBC gym in preparation for a nontitle Commonwealth elimination fight against Oswald Maneno of Tanzania, Dec 9, 2003.



odfrey yakana sizes it out with iendomne atonang during his come back fight at akivubo uly 26 2003Godfrey Nyakana sizes it out with Diendomne Katonang during his come back to fight at Nakivubo on July 26, 2003.


odfrey yakana is declared winner of his return back fight against outh fricas iendomne atonang at akivubo uly 27 2003Godfrey Nyakana is declared the winner of his return back fight against South Africa's Diendomne Katonang at Nakivubo on July 27, 2003.


odfrey yakana during a press conference in pril 21 2010Godfrey Nyakana during a press conference on April 21, 2010


odfrey yakana during a campaign rally in 2006Godfrey Nyakana during a campaign rally in 2006


odfrey yakana centre during a swering in ceremony at airway otel on ay 25 2011 e had been elected as  hairperson ampala entral ivisionGodfrey Nyakana (center) during a swearing-in ceremony at Fairway Hotel on May 25, 2011. He had been elected as NRM Chairperson Kampala Central Division


odfrey yakana enter during the  manifesto launch on ovember 1 2010Godfrey Nyakana (Center) during the NRM manifesto launch on November 1, 2010


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