The 3rd joint sector review

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Theme: “Industrialization and job creation through planned land use and tenure security.”

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Theme: “Industrialization and job creation through planned land use and tenure security.”

The 3rd Joint Sector review of the Lands Housing and Urban Development Sector is held to appraise the sector on progress of implementation of the many interventions that were pledged in the 2nd Joint Sector Review Meeting.

The previous key undertakings included the need to strengthen the capacity of physical planning and plan implementation; Strengthen integrated development planning; Enhance urban infrastructure development; Fast track dissemination and implementation of the National Physical Development Plan (NPDP); Disseminate and implement the National Urban Policy; Roll out the National Housing Policy implementation; Create and strengthen the implementing arm of the Housing subsector; Increase funding for housing; Review the legal framework; Lands subsector; Establish a Government Land inventory; Capitalize the Land Fund and acquisition of land settlement of refugees; Build the capacities of the professional bodies, train land management institutions and disseminate land related information; Implement a program on Gender and Land rights; Amend the land laws to fit the current context of land matters; and establish and acquire infrastructure corridors.


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