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By Ronnie Kijjambu

Added 21st October 2019 12:14 PM

A kite stole a piece of meat from a plate at a function.

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A kite stole a piece of meat from a plate at a function.

At the 4th annual Buganda kingdom clan leaders and elders’ seminar whose theme was based on how to have peaceful families, kites forced themselves into the function and took the meat that had been served to guests.

The function was officially opened by the Bishop of Orthodox Church, Selvesto Kisitu and closed by Prince Kassim Nakibinge at Twekobe Gardens Mengo Kampala on Friday.

Participants were picking food from the serving centers to the main tent.

Unknown to them, kites had invited themselves to the function, although they could not access the serving centres.

They decided to waylay the guests and pick out their most pried food; meat from the plates.

in some attempts, the birds failed, while in others, they succeded.

Guests were forced to line up for more food after the birds poured down their food in an attempt to pick out the pieces of meat.

 At first, it looked like an innocent bird passing by. Well, it had its eyes on the plate.

 Then it lowered its altitude and flew closer to the people

 Meanwhile, a lady had picked her food and was on her way to the tent, unaware that a bird was targetting a piece of meat on her plate.

 Then it arrived and took off its target leaving the woman in awe

 With the meat firmly held in its claws, the kite flew away to a feast

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