Ndejje University skilling graduates for job market

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To increase on its skilling avenues, the university decided to add a social sciences faculty

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To increase on its skilling avenues, the university decided to add a social sciences faculty

Last year's graduation ceremony

Established in 1992, Ndejje University is one of the oldest private universities in Uganda. In 1995 the University gained its status under the ownership of the Anglican Diocese of Luwero. In 2009, the university was chartered by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), meaning that all certificates awarded at the university were now nationally and internationally recognised. In addition, all courses offered at the university were accredited by the same body.

The university further subscribes to the Inter University Council for East Africa and Association of African Universities. Ndejje University is mainstreaming higher education in national socioeconomic development and this is derived from the national Vision 2040 that emphasises the role of higher education for national development. The vice-chancellor, Prof. Eriabu Lugujjo, says the university has five functions.

These are equipping students with relevant skills in the different academic disciplines, allowing students to be creative and innovative in their fields of study, carrying out research, as well as training and community engagement of students. Lugujjo notes that all the above are done by not only focusing on students’ accumulation of marks, but rather on the desire to impart holistic knowledge to foster development. He says as the university celebrates its 21st graduation ceremony today, they are proud that the graduates it has passed out are passionate and patriotic citizens.

Lugujjo says the graduates are expected to use the skills and knowledge acquired to change the world. “Over 2,000 students will graduate and these have been skilled in different academic disciplines. The next graduation of those who will have fulfilled the university requirements will be held next year in March,” Lugujjo says.


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