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πŸ”Š PODCAST: When Uganda hosted CPC in 1967 - Part 2

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Added 20th September 2019 09:22 PM

πŸ”Š This Sunday, the 64th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference will kick off in Kampala, with over 800 delegates participating. Ahead of the week-long event, in this second of three parts of our podcast on the subject, we take you back to the first conference that Uganda hosted in 1967 - to give you an idea of what it was like during that time. Along the way, two guests who took part then will share their eyewitness accounts and experience in the whole arrangement. They are Ignatius Barungi, who was clerk to the National Assembly and Edward Ochwo, who took over from Ignatius from 1968. Seasoned researcher and journalist Tonny Owana takes us through a brief of what took place then. CLICK the play icon below to listen to our feature podcast.

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Dr. Apolo Milton Obote was the president when Uganda hosted the Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference in 1967. (Courtesy photo)