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A ‘dobbi’ operates a machine at Spot Clean. The laundry and dry cleaning service sector carries big potential for investment in Uganda


How best can you care for a suit that cost you a fortune? A friend recently learnt the hard way when he lost a suit worth sh3m. He acquired the suit in 2013, as a privilege of being a bestman.

It was made of soft deluxe fabric, with a bit of silk, which requires special care and other fabrics neatly sewn together. For fi ve years, he took really good care of that suit, by largely not wearing it.

When he retrieved it from his wardrobe, it was to attend another wedding. Little did he know that would be the last time he would ever wear it.

As fate would have it, he was beaten by rain at the function and the muddy water, which splashed on him left dirty stains on the suit. CLICK HERE  FOR MORE ON THIS SUPPLEMENT 





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