SA-based Katumba to build school in Mityana

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"Children are the future generation," says Shafique Katumba, better known as Katsha De'bank.

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Shafique Katumba is planning to build a better schooling facility in place of this school in Mityana

"Children are the future generation," says Shafique Katumba, better known as Katsha De'bank.


A Ugandan business man based in South Africa is looking help children back home get into school.

"Children are the future generation," says Shafique Katumba, better known as Katsha De'bank.

He says education enables people to stand out as equal with others.

Uganda is recorded to have a literacy rate of over 70%. Universal Primary Education (UPE) and its secondary version (USE) have helped many attain an education.

Despite these programmes meant to benefit children from poor backgrounds, school drop-outs remain a stain in the education system.

In January this year, while releasing the 2018 Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) results, education minister Janet Museveni was concerned that while more girls continue to register for the final exams, more boys could be dropping out of school.

Katumba, who is an entrepreneur, says education remains at the heart of his engagements.

To begin with, he is looking to contribute to the education landscape of an area where he spent most of his childhood - Mityana. He says he is set to establish an education project there as part of his charity work.

alt=''Katumba is looking to build a school in Mityana, his childhood home area


In May this year, a report showed that one in every four Ugandan children are still out of school.
The Global Childhood Report published by Save the Children, a child rights organisation, highlighted positive progress across a range of child development indicators.
It, however, showed that millions of children are still out of school, go to bed hungry, cannot access adequate healthcare, and suffer from child marriage and teen pregnancy.

Meanwhile, under the Katsha Foundation, Katumba says he will build a boarding school to support children in the area attain an education.

"Education is important in developing any society," says Katsche Technoogy Group founder Katumba, who is also a programmer and considers himself a philanthropist.

"We at Katsha Foundation have pledged our resolve to change the lives of our fellow countrymen and women by playing our role in education development of the vulnerable segment of the society," he said in Mityana during the launch of his education project.

The planned project will be a nursery and primary school.


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