Five feared dead in Bulambuli landslides

Aug 29, 2019

Torrential rains caused River Kajere to burst its banks, leading to flooding of Bulago trading centre and the neighbouring villages.


Five residents of Gibeyi village, Bugatisa parish in Bulago sub-county of Bulambuli district are feared dead after a landslide hit Bulago trading centre.

The incident occurred following torrential rains that battered Bulago, Buginyanya, Nabuwutulu and Masira sub-counties for over five hours on Wednesday.

James Ingoi is Bulambuli's acting deputy chief administrative officer and also the chairperson of the district disaster management committee. He visited the area and said several homes had been affected, forcing terrified residents to flee.

"Several coffee and banana plantations were destroyed, domestic animals and birds swept away and bridges connecting villages either washed away or submerged," he said.

"Relatives of the people suspected to have been buried under mud across over 800 metres have been desperately trying to recover the bodies but they are being hampered by the lack of appropriate tools."

Ingoi advised those affected to relocate to safer areas as district authorities liaise with the Office of the Prime Minister and the Red Cross for relief supplies.

The Bulago sub-county council speaker, Fred Namugowa, told New Vision that the people feared include Samson Wetaka, Gerald Mafabi, Sam Makoba, Joyce Wasagali and Collins Maleza, a resident of Nasuba village in Busiya parish.

Meanwhile, Red Cross reported that a 65-year-old man was killed after he was buried by debris when part of his house collapsed.

Several other people who suffered injuries are understood to have been admitted at Bulago General Clinic.

Namugowa, who described the incident as a disaster that has never been experienced in the area, said torrential rains caused River Kajere to burst its banks, leading to flooding in Bulago trading centre and the neighbouring villages.


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