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Ntagali calls for the protection of families

By Robert Atuhairwe

Added 5th August 2019 12:00 AM

The outgoing Archbishop of the Church of Uganda urged Christians to desist from acts like alcoholism, abortions, promiscuity and holding grudges

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Archbishop Stanley Ntagali waves to the congregation during the ceremony on Sunday. Photo by Robert Atuhairwe

The outgoing Archbishop of the Church of Uganda urged Christians to desist from acts like alcoholism, abortions, promiscuity and holding grudges

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Stanley Ntagali, has emphasised the need for the protection of the family institution if the country and the church are to have a better future.

Ntagali said a family is the foundation of the nation and the church in remarks made during his Sunday sermon at St Peters Cathedral in Duhaga cell, Hoima Municipality.

The Archbishop was on his farewell tour of Bunyoro Kitara Diocese as he prepares to retire after eight years of service.

He noted that unstable families breed immoral and violent children who later become a burden to society.

Ntagali said Uganda needs honest leaders to transform it but such transparent, non-corrupt leaders are groomed from homes.

“We have parents who are bad examples to their children. For example, some men after getting money from the family crop harvest to spend on things which are liabilities like alcoholism, marrying more women and foregoing the needs of the family. You find the children wearing torn clothes which is bad,” he observed.

Ntagali urged parents to have time for their children, guide and pray for them to take on the mantle after them, saying they (children) are the future leaders.

He urged people to love their country and work for it to develop adding that it is unfortunate that Uganda is blessed by nature but it is still poor because of selfish leaders.

Ntagali said although the national moto says for God and My County, some selfish leaders have turned it into ‘for God and their stomachs’ because of poor upbringing.

He said this has culminated into money meant for drugs being stolen by selfish people which leads to a scarcity in hospitals.

He urged Christians to desist from acts like alcoholism, abortions, promiscuity and holding grudges.

“When you harbour hatred, you injure your heart but when you forgive which God wants, you become blessed and liberate your mind,” Ntagali added.

He thanked God for keeping him safe during his tenure as Archbishop and his many years of church service.

Rt Rev. Samuel Kahuma, the Bishop of Bunyoro Kitara Diocese, thanked the outgoing Archbishop for his distinguished service to the church especially the mobilisation to complete the multibillion Church House in Nakasero, Kampala, now called Janani Luwum Church House.

The Bishop of Hoima Catholic Diocese, Vincent Kirabo Amooti, commended Ntagali for his visionary leadership and called on other leaders to emulate him.

Speaking on the behalf of the Bunyoro Kingdom prime minister, Robert Owagonza the Kingdom finance minister commended Ntagali for respecting the constitution of the Church of Uganda and accepting to retire, calling on leaders at different levels to emulate him.

Owagonza said it was prudent for leaders to retire when they are still loved rather than when they are being pushed out.

The public service state minister, David Karubanga, who presided over the farewell hailed the Anglican Church for its role in promoting unity and development.

Karubanga who doubles as the MP for Kigorobya County in Hoima district, argued that the church has contributed to the government’s effort in preaching the prosperity message, promoting education and health.

Daniel Muheirwe, the Buhaguzi County MP said Ntagali has been an exemplary leader who promoted unity and peace and underscored the need for the clergy to mobilise communities to engage in productivity.

The Bugahya County MP, Pius Wakabi, called on church leaders to engage in the fight against Bugoma Forest encroachment in a bid to conserve the environment.

He said Ntagali who hails from Wambabya village in Kizirianfumbi sub-county, Kikuube district, where Bugoma Forest is situated should use his clout and talk to President Yoweri Museveni to act on the protection of the forest.

His remarks come at a time when part of the forest was leased out to Hoima sugar factory for sugarcane growing by the Bunyoro Kitara kingdom and some parts it given to private individuals.

“The Archbishop in his retirement will need a clean and safe environment that will be supported by Bugoma Forest ecological functions. We are appealing to him to talk to the President and ensure that the forest is protected,” Wakabi added.

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