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How a quarrel over trolley ended Mugisha’s dream

By Carol Kasujja

Added 12th July 2019 10:06 AM

Ainebyona’s father, Eng. Plan Mugisha, on Wednesday, struggled, at times his voice breaking, to explain the pain he was going through after losing his son in what he described as a senseless killing.

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Ainebyona’s father, Eng. Plan Mugisha, on Wednesday, struggled, at times his voice breaking, to explain the pain he was going through after losing his son in what he described as a senseless killing.


At just 26 years, Arnold Mugisha Ainebyona had already earned his father’s trust to lead his siblings as the eldest child.

But the firstborn of three children was shot dead on Tuesday after a petty quarrel with Moses Ongoria, a security guard attached to Saracen Uganda Limited, bringing his father’s dream of bequeathing to him the mantle to lead the family to a rude halt.

Ainebyona’s father, Eng. Plan Mugisha, on Wednesday, struggled, at times his voice breaking, to explain the pain he was going through after losing his son in what he described as a senseless killing.

“Government should help us control the guns,” a grief-stricken Mugisha told mourners at All Saints Cathedral during the funeral service for Ainebyona.

Mugisha narrated to the mourners what transpired on a fateful day.

“After working out, Arnold, together with his brothers, went to the supermarket to get water, he remained in the car and his brothers went shopping. After taking off the water, they released the trolley, which rolled and hit another vehicle,” he said.

Mugisha added that the guard had a verbal exchange with one of Ainebyona’s brothers. Ainebyona was in the car and when he saw his brother quarreling with the guard, he reportedly reversed to see what was happening. The car accidentally knocked and injured the guard.

That is when another guard, Moses Ongoria, got a gun and shot him. However, other accounts say Ainebyona first had a quarrel with the guard before he got into the vehicle and reversed it.

Speakers praised Ainebyona as innovative and hardworking.

“Arnold was a blessing to his friends, we never knew that time would come when we would have to talk about him in the past tense. He was such a lovely boy, whenever he quarreled with you, he would wait for you to sleep over it, then the following day, he would come to your place to apologise.

He treated people with respect,” noted Carol Kagezi, who spoke on behalf of Ainebyona’s friends.

Eulogising his nephew, Maj. Gen. Ambrose Musinguzi told the Police to get involved in the training of private guards.

“There are so many private guards with guns, they train for one day and the next day they start holding guns. Kenya has private guards, but they do not have guns, what has happened to our son can happen to anyone,” he said, adding, “Police should help us and control the guns and people should stop misusing social media attacking others.”

Andrew Atuhaire Mugisha, the deceased’s brother, said: “I am still traumatised from what happened to him because I was around. As our firstborn, you were always there for us, we looked up to you. You led and we followed now you have gone, I love you, sleep well, my brother.”

The Rev. Medard Birungibyayesu, the director of World Shine Ministries International, in his sermon stressed anger management and urged all Ugandans to learn how to control their anger.

Rhinoceros anger
“If it was not for anger, this young man would not have died this nation is full of angry people. Anything small, they charge. Some people are angry like cobras, they spit poison, their words are poisonous, they can kill others out of anger. Others are like elephants when they get angry, they break everything like chairs. Others are like volcanos, they bring out a fire; those are people who burn school and markets and friends’ clothes.”

“Most Ugandans have the rhinoceros’ anger when you provoke that animal, it can destroy a vehicle, it was that anger that caused the genocide in Rwanda. Those are people you provoke and they shoot you or pour acid on you. We should control our anger and avoid provoking people to anger. The security guard killed the young man because he was provoked,” added Birungibyayesu.

He said soldiers who carry guns should be taught how to manage anger because guns are supposed to protect people, not kill them.

“People should go into anger management Institution through Jesus Christ by forgiving and loving one another, being humble, reconciliation and self-control,” the cleric said, urging Ainebyona’s parents to forgive the security guard who ended their son’s life.

Police record statements
In an interview with New Vision, Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said they have recorded statements from witnesses and Awaze Babu, the guard who was allegedly knocked by the car.

The key suspect, Ongoria, is still at Mulago Hospital, where he is receiving treatment, but under Police guard. “We are waiting for the main suspect to recover so as to record his statement,” Onyango said.

Ainebyona will be laid to rest on Friday in Keina parish, Rwentobo-Rwahi town council, Rushenyi, Ntungamo district.

The poor training and indiscipline of the private security guards have been a matter of grave concern to the Police even before the Tuesday incident where a Saracen guard shot and killed businessman Arnold Ainebyona Mugisha.

During the recent retreat by the Police Criminal Investigations Directorate, the issue of private security guards was one of the matters discussed.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) retreat was held last week at the CID headquarters in Kibuli, Kampala.

CID director Grace Akullo revealed during the retreat that it was resolved that the Police takes over the training of private security guards.

Private security firms have not been institutionalised and each security company hires trainers for its personnel. These often include retired Police or army officers. It was observed at the retreat that the role of private security organisations (PSOs) in crime management is crucial.

But there was concern over factors that could facilitate or enhance the community of crimes by the personnel, such as weak vetting system, obsolete and inadequate tools of the trade, poor pay and absence of formal training institutions,

It was also resolved that the Police fast-track the process of establishing a training facility for PSOs. It was noted that several PSOs were using guns hired from the Police, which they maintained poorly.

What the law says
Under the law, the Police have a mandate to formulate regulations for the control of the establishment and operations of PSOs, conditions under which they (PSOs) employ any people, regulating the use of uniforms and other equipment and prescribing fees and forms for any of the foregoing purposes.

Guidelines for private security agencies
In 2013, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) issued binding guidelines under the Statutory Instrument 2013. These include the following:

  • The PSOs are required to take out appropriate insurance cover for their employees.

  • lIt is also a requirement for PSOs to report to the district CID officer any investigations they may be conducting of a criminal nature and give a report at the end of every investigation.

  • The PSO is also required to file all particulars of their staff, including fingerprints within two weeks of employment to the IGP and to file quarterly staff returns.

  • PSOs have to ensure that the training that their personnel undergoes is conducted in a certified institution and by certified instructors.

  • The IGP must ensure that PSO personnel meet minimum standards of operational capability and discipline.

  • Every year, the IGP must issue an assessment certificate for each PSO in the country.

  • The IGP is required to set standards of training and performance and ensure that they are adhered to.

  • The IGP approves all arms held by PSOs.

  • All PSO personnel using firearms must be approved, certified and licensed as individuals.

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