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What happened to the NSSF’s Lubowa housing scheme?

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Added 2nd July 2019 12:42 PM

That project has never been realised to date

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That project has never been realised to date

By Florence Kiremerwa

In 2015, on the instructions of President Yoweri Museveni, the Ugandan diaspora in the US were visited by a delegation from the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) led by the managing director, Richard Byarugaba and the Ministry of Defence — engineering department led by Gen. Sabiiti Mutebile.

The intention of the visit was to interest and persuade diasporians into purchasing low-income houses that were to be mortgaged by NSSF at their Lubowa site and to be built by defence ministry.

The diasporians were promised the project would be ready in one to two years. However, that project has never been realised to date.

During the mentioned visit in 2015, a number of diasporians were enticed and were willing to pay upright for a condominium house comprising a sitting room and two self-contained bedrooms instantly. The majority of the diasporians, who attended the session, up to now are optimistic that one day they will be in position to acquire the low-mortgage condominium houses at the expected cost as they were promised.

The country’s economy is heavily supported by the diasporians through the money they remit hence contributing to the growth and economic development of the country. It is, therefore, absolutely essential that diasporians are rewarded for their contribution through the various Government schemes such as the Lubowa Low cost housing scheme and ensure that they benefit from the national cake.

The diasporians to-date are in need of buying the low-cost condominium houses the earliest as promised the President.

The project as pledged by the authorities should, therefore, be realised. This will help to enhance their loyalty to the Government.

The writer is a Special Presidential Assistant on Diaspora Issues

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