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International theme: “Air Pollution” Local theme: “Fight Air Pollution to Protect Human Health and Environment”

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International theme: “Air Pollution” Local theme: “Fight Air Pollution to Protect Human Health and Environment”

BACKGROUND The United Nations General Assembly during the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment (Stockholm, 1972), declared the 5th of June the International World Environment Day (WED). WED commits each Member State to reflect on efforts put in place at national level with regards to protection of the environment, as well as to reaffirm her commitment to sustainable environment management.

World Environment Day is a UN Environment-led global event, the single largest celebration of our environment each year, which takes place on June 5 and is celebrated by thousands of communities worldwide. 143 countries take part in World Environment Day, and the day focuses on environmental concerns ranging from pollution to global warming and sustainable food production to protection of wildlife.

China will host the World Environment Day 2019 celebrations under the global theme, ‘Air Pollution’. China with its growing green energy sector, has emerged as a climate leader. By hosting World Environment Day 2019, the Chinese Government will be able to showcase its innovation and progress toward a cleaner environment.


Air pollution is the contamination of air by gasses and solid particles. Air pollutants are only visible to the naked eye in some conditions for instance dust particles, smoke from open flames, vehicle emissions, soot from burning of solid fuels, etc; but for most cases the items polluting the air are too tiny to be seen with the naked eye.

Air pollution comes from different sources including vehicle emissions, industrial furnaces, wood fuel from cook stoves, kerosene lamps, coal-fired power plants, wildfires, sand and dust storms, among others.


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