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EU supports the development of the beef sector in Uganda

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EU supports the development of the beef sector in Uganda

Uganda Meat Producers Cooperative Union Ltd. (UMPCU) joins the rest of the world to celebrate Europe Day 9th May 2019. Uganda and the European Union have been in close partnership since 1975 when they entered the Cotonou Partnership Agreement (ACP-EU Cotonou Partnership). We acknowledge the European Union’s continued contribution to development cooperation in different sectors in Uganda and the world over.

Under the 11th European Development Fund (11th EDF), the EU is funding the “Farmer Led Beef Livestock Investment and Sustainability Project” (FALBIIS) which and is implemented by the Uganda Meat Producers Cooperative Union Ltd. The agreement between the two parties was signed on 10th October 2018.

The EU contribution to FALBIIS is Euro 1,500,000, with UMPCU members making an additional self-contribution of Euro 300,000, and has a time frame of 38 months. The direct benefi ciaries of FALBIIS are the member cooperative societies of UMPCU, which are mainly located within the cattle corridor districts of Uganda. The project is being executed in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) under the Market-Oriented and Environmentally Sustainable Beef Meat Industry in Uganda Project (MOBIP), also funded by the EU. Livestock, especially cattle, are a source of multiple benefi ts for their keepers in Uganda; providing food, nutrition, economic stability and playing a part in their social/cultural traditions. FALBIIS intends to leverage change in the beef value chain – cattle production and marketing systems - to reduce poverty and food insecurity levels amongst smallholders. Livestock also provides a safety net as a “bank on the hoof” and a strategy for economic diversifi cation and resilience.


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