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Kiira EVS excites Iganga locals

By George Bita

Added 16th April 2019 12:27 PM

The locals left their duty stations to gaze at the locally manufactured automatic sedan moving along Iganga streets.

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Iganga residents gaze at the Kiira EVS car at CMS trading centre. (Photo by George Bita).

The locals left their duty stations to gaze at the locally manufactured automatic sedan moving along Iganga streets.


IGANGA - The Ugandan-made car, Kiira EVS, on Monday excited residents of Iganga municipality when as it was driven in the town.

Numerous locals left their duty stations to gaze at the locally manufactured automatic sedan moving along Iganga streets.

Several residents took advantage of the stopover at CMS trading centre to hurriedly pose for photos while standing next to the car.

 asiisa the uwooya village  chairman gets out of iira  car at  trading centre in ganga  hoto by eorge ita Fred Kasiisa, the Buwooya village LCI chairman gets out of Kiira EVS car at CMS trading centre in Iganga. (Photo by George Bita).

Salim Kakaire, a mechanic along Kaliro road said there was need for a comprehensive study of the car components to determine if it could be repaired from a local garage.

"I believe like these German BMWs or Mercedes Benzes it’s only the tyres or shock absorbers that can be changed from Iganga. Other parts may require being purchased from Kampala," Kakaire noted.

Eng. Richard Madanda, the lead technical and director of product development at Kiira Motors Corporation (KMC) said they had brought the car around so that people can prove that Ugandans can locally make an automobile that runs both on fuel and electricity.

Iganga connection

“Iganga holds dear nostalgic memories for me. I attained my Primary Leaving certificate from Iganga Boys Boarding Primary School,” Madanda revealed.

Madanda surprised locals when he mentioned the name of the matron who used to bathe him while in P.1 in 1993. 

"Matron Milly used to wash our clothes as well as bathing us the small boys. I am happy she is still around and doing that noble duty," he said attracting applause.

Rare ride

Fred Kasiisa, the LC1 chairman of Buwooya educational village got a rare opportunity to be chauffeured in the vehicle by Madanda.

Kasiisa described the experience as awesome saying this is a milestone as far as local scientific innovation is concerned.

Madanda explained that the vehicle is made out of materials from Uganda and was assembled by engineers from KMC in collaboration with artisans from Katwe, a slum in Kampala city.

“This is a four-seater executive vehicle fitted with two litre petrol engines. It has a five-speed automatic transmission system,” he revealed.

He added that the car boasts of unique features like a rear view camera, rear proximity sensors as well as a digital instrument panel.

David Balaba, the Iganga Mayor thanked KMC for having driven the car to Iganga and given urban dwellers an opportunity to appreciate made-in-Uganda items.

“It is a real masterpiece. This shows that Uganda is developing and we are capable of doing much more,” Balaba noted.  

Dr. David Muwanguzi, Iganga District Health Officer

It is a fantastic vehicle. My prayer is that we have many on the market for Ugandans to ably promote the Buy-Uganda-Build- Uganda (BUBU) agenda.

Hadija Namukose, resident of Bulubandi parish

The car is very nice-looking. However, it may not be easy for an average Ugandan to buy such a vehicle.

Abdu Tenywa, resident of Igamba zone

Kiira EVS must definitely make Ugandans to be very proud. It is not every other day that someone comes up with such an innovation. 

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