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Phaneroo’s Apostle Lubega gears up for wedding

By Alex Balimwikungu, Carol Kasujja

Added 7th March 2019 07:05 PM

Lubega, 35 has fallen hook line and sinker for lady, 10 years his junior. She is Nicole Kavuma, 25, a graduate in Laws (LLB) at Uganda Christian University born to privilege, wealth and opportunity.

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Lubega, 35 has fallen hook line and sinker for lady, 10 years his junior. She is Nicole Kavuma, 25, a graduate in Laws (LLB) at Uganda Christian University born to privilege, wealth and opportunity.

Apostle Lubega’s fiancé Nicole Kavuma and her father Dennis Paul Kavuma. Photo/Courtesy

KAMPALA - The past weeks have been tough on some of the female worshipers at the Phaneroo Ministries ever since it was revealed that Apostle Grace Lubega had found love amongst them.

Lubega, 35 has fallen hook line and sinker for lady, 10 years his junior.  She is Nicole Kavuma, 25, a graduate in Laws (LLB) at Uganda Christian University born to privilege, wealth and opportunity. 

What is likely to hurt them even more is the fact that Apostle Grace Lubega and Nicole Kavuma will exchange their vows at a tightly guarded ceremony at the Kampala Serena Kigo on March 09.  Security will be on the lookout for potential home and church wreckers disguised as guests. 

An inner circle source privy to the details tells The Kampala Sun that it was Apostle Grace Lubega’s wish that the vows are exchanged at a venue gazetted by the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB). 

“It is true. Church will happen at 10:00am and the Reception at 3:00pm.  All other details like wedding photographs will happen within the precincts of the hotel,” the source reveals.   It wasn’t readily clear on who will wed the couple. 

Contrary to earlier reports that she hails from the Western Uganda (She has glamorous looks, a curvaceous figure and a bee-sting pout) she is a Muganda, whose father, Dennis Paulo Kavuma, famously known as DPK is well known and has most influential Buganda Kingdom officials on speed dial.

Nicole’s father, Kavuma needs no introduction on Kampala’s social scene to the older folks.  In the Late 90’s and early 2000’s when celebrity culture hit the city,  it was the likes of Dennis Paul Kavuma, Sudhir Ruparelia, Bob Kabonero,  Phillip Besiimire,  Eric Van Veen and the Sandor Walusimbi’s who regularly featured on Showtime Magazine on WBS Television or  graced the pages of Have You Heard in The New Vision.  

Kavuma, then known as Deepay was a regular fixture at the Vipers Room oldies night. He then left for a long sojourn in the US and UK and only returned to Uganda recently.  

The Kampala Sun has learnt that the bride’s father is fairly wealthy and surrounded by well-to-do individuals, who are ready to dig into their pockets in anticipation of a memorable event. 

Nicole’s father, Dennis Paulo Kavuma, famously known as DPK

Posh wedding on the cards

From what The Kampala Sun gathers, it is likely to be a moment to behold for the two lovers both of whom come from very strong backgrounds. - They are an ideal couple who have gone for the idyllic wedding. 

The source reveals that the wedding will be attended by a privileged few guests who will be swathed with lavish hospitality. 

Among those in attendance will be kingdom millionaires from Buganda Kingdom, like Katikkiro Peter Mayiga, Godfrey Kaaya Kavuma, John W Katende, Fred Kiyimba (Freeman) among others.  There is a delegation that will fly in from UK and USA.

With such a rich guest list, it goes without saying that anything from rich canapés to continental dishes, cognacs to champagnes plus everything that titillates the palates of billionaires on those rare outings will be available at Serena Kigo Hotel at the snap of a finger.

 haneroos postle ubega Phaneroo’s Apostle Lubega


How Phaneroo’s Apostle Grace Lubega hooked hot usher
Phaneroo Ministries head, Apostle Grace Lubega is in love, finally. And it is not love for God, but love for a woman! 

While it comes as good news to the woman he has chosen from his flock, the rest may be swimming in disappointment and disarray as they have for years lived in the apostle’s shadow as potential suitors. 

Now all hope is drained from them. We can reveal that the man of God recently found love, and has since been acting fast and in secrecy in getting the relationship registered by Government (URSB) and God. 

First off, he has already visited the parents of the bride-to be. Despite the drama that took place during the visit, he was given the green light.  That was in January. During the visit, neither hosts nor guests were allowed to take pictures and were all asked to keep the occasion a top secret. In lay terms, this could be viewed as Apostle Lubega bullying his in-laws. 

However, someone screamed out of excitement and our ears were on the ground. We can now con¬firm that arrangements for an introduction and church wedding are underway. 

He introduced her to a smaller congregation on Sunday, although he asked the members not to make any hullabaloo about it. When he said he was going to introduce her, he quickly asked everyone to take away or switch off their phones. No one was allowed to take a picture of her. 

When she waltzed up to the podium, the congregation was notified that she was the chosen one. She was then asked to “greet the people.” “I am Nicole, and I am happy to be here. Praise be to God...” she said before handing over the microphone.   

There was then one simple request. They asked her to sing for the people. She turned it down, and strolled away, and continued with her duties as an usher. 

Who is this preacher’s wife 

None come as ¬ fine as her and many will agree that Apostle Lubega has chosen the best sheep from the flock. 

She is Nicole, and like Vladmir Nabakos’s Lolita, she is the light of his soul, ¬ re of his loins. 

Nicolette Kavuma (commonly known as Nicole) is hot; the kind of hot chick who can make a whole Pentecostal church go quiet when she arrives. 

Her is beauty that can stop time. She is as hot as Fabiola, but with better hygiene. She has the Fabiola skin complexion. She is also of medium height, the kind of girl that most Ugandan men want. Girls of medium height are not intimidating. 

If minister Kiwanda took one look at her, he would label her an outright tourist attraction. She has those hips (think Winnie Nwagi, Zari) that make Kiwanda’s fans turn and look back. 

It is such a person that church members saw and agreed that the pastor had got the right wife, and that is a very good thing. 

A quick investigation reveals that Nicole is in her early 20s. It is only recently that she graduated with a law degree from Uganda Christian University (UCU) in Mukono. She is said to come from a well-to-do family. 

She surely should raise a well-to-do family for Apostle Grace. With her stunning beauty and kind of upbringing, she is the right choice for the pastor. 

It is well known that Apostle Grace does not eat cheap, and sometimes places orders for food from Serena Hotel for his assistants at his office.   

The only thing Nicole will know about cooking with banana leaves is what she learnt in her Home Economics class. Since she has lived in quiet affluent circumstances, it is only right that life should continue as before. 

Although she worked as an usher last Sunday, a follower we talked to admitted to never having seen her. She doubted that she was always an usher.

Why Apostle Grace is kept it a secret

It seems easier to tell the word of God than telling about a loved one. 

Atleast that is how to judge the secrecy in which the Grace-Nicole affair is shrouded in. It is not an affair to go and tell on the mountain. 

From the Kukyala, he has made sure it is only known within his smallest circle of friends.

A source at Phaneroo claims that the pastor did not want word out before for fear of facing a sea of heartbreaks.

Our source says that many girls in Phaneroo saw him as their future husband and have been working tooth, nail, tithe and tongue to get his attention and favours.

Apostle Grace seems to have learnt from fellow pastors. There was such an upheaval when Pastor Robert Kayanja married his wife Jessica in 1993. 

Many years later, when Pastor David Kiganda married a second wife, Cindy Karonga there was a lot of fury from a sizeable number of his female followers. 

They staged mini riots, with some claiming that they had had visions in which they were his wives. They cursed his wife.

“The Apostle wants to make that announcement to the public after the wedding. Then, the hopefuls will just have to calm down,” our source further explained.

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