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Pool treasurer Oscar Ocakacon ousted

By Faith Kiai

Added 28th January 2019 07:06 PM

The Pool Association of Uganda AGM that took place.

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The Pool Association of Uganda AGM that took place.

Annual General Meetings (AGM) are all about planning, accountability and bringing about positive change.
The Pool Association of Uganda AGM that took place on Sunday had all that and climaxed with a vote of no confidence for three members of the executive committee.
PAU chairman Bob Trubish, General Secretary, David Mugabi and treasurer Oscar Ocakacon were subject to the vote and only the treasurer who had resigned during his presentation was let go.
The chairman survived by 19-21, the general secretary by 32-8, while the treasurer Oscar Ocakacon lost 34-4 was ousted for his many financial transgressions.
Last May, Trubish discovered that the treasurer had made 12 withdrawals from the PAU bank account totalling up to sh15m and yet he had only agreed to one transaction.
The treasurer admitted to his error saying he had only been overtaken by his need to get sponsors, so he instead kept paying people money in commissions but the sponsorships never materialised.
He agreed to pay back the money although he has only paid back sh6m.
This issue has left many in the fraternity angry with Trubish for not handling the issue with a stronger fist.
“It was up to the members to make a decision. I would like to thank the members who supported me to continue in this role. On the other hand, I would say that I am genuinely disappointed with the numbers being what they are, but I shall continue doing the right thing and taking the association forward,” Trubish said after the vote.


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