Young instrumentalists showcase amazing talents

By Ritah Monica Mukasa

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It was a colourful extravaganza; the performers were smartly dressed in red, white and black as the theme colours.

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The Musical theatre club danced to the amusement of the parents. Photos by Ritah Monica Mukasa

It was a colourful extravaganza; the performers were smartly dressed in red, white and black as the theme colours.


KAMPALA - Friday saw a fun filled afternoon as students of different age groups showcased musical talents at Gems Cambridge International School, Butabika in Kampala.

It was a colourful extravaganza; the performers were smartly dressed in red, white and black as the theme colours.

There were both group and solo performances.

The ‘Christmas concert 2018’ was organised by the school’s Creative Arts department under the leadership of James Ingham.

 ear 3 and 4 on stage Year 3 and 4 on stage

According to the principal, Harvey Trump, this event which was scheduled to happen in December was postponed to coincide with the school’s fifth anniversary.

In attendance were the parents, guardians, school staff and invited guests who included among others, Hon. Jacob Oulanyah, the deputy speaker of Parliament of Uganda.

The live performances from both boys and girls were stunning. The students exhibited confidence while playing various instruments including the drums, guitars, trumpets and flutes ,among others.

As the instrumentalist filled the roof top hall with harmonised sounds, other participants chipped in with sweet melodies, raps and amusing creative dances.

The audience could not contain the excitement. They cheered the participants who performed from a well built and decorated stage.

Ingham said that the Arts department had seen many changes and new opportunities as well as achievements and successes for many students.

“Year 7 drama students performed their own pieces written and directed completely by themselves. We are proud to offer instrumental lessons through our association with Kampala Music School,” he upheld.

 ear 1 and 2 perform Year 1 and 2 perform

Ingham added that presently, one in six students have private tuition on a wide range of instruments.

The school also boosts of instrument based ensembles for all age groups including; Primary and Secondary choirs, Gems Band, Year 7&9 bands, string group, Drum Corp, Guitar group and Orf group.

They also have Recorder group, Ukug and Music Tech club, among others.

On the other hand, starting off at a few minutes past 1:00pm, the concert went on till 3:30pm when it was concluded with a speech from the principal and thereafter, cake cutting and gifting.

Before the concert, parents had time to catch up with each other over a drink and snacks.

Every participant walked away with a gift bag from the school administration.

Meanwhile, this concert follows the ‘Christmas back in time celebrations around the world’ for pearls that was organised at the school by a team of teachers and teaching assistants in all the four stages last month.

Naome Kabanyomozi, the head of early years at GEMS Cambridge International School asked parents not to rush their children in academics by insisting that they skip some classes.

 ear 78 and 10 choir students singing Year 7,8 and 10 choir students singing

She said that when a child starts school, they must go through all the stages of development, which move hand in hand with the classes they are attending at that particular age.

‘‘Going to school is not all about academics but also development of the brain and entire body.  When a child doesn’t go through the proper stages of early child learning, when they grow up, they at a certain stage do things that they  missed doing way back, ’’ Kabanyomozi said.

The Pearls include 2-5 Foundation stage 1 (FS1) 3-4 years, Foundation stage (FS2) 4-5 Years and year 1, 5-6 Years.

The children danced to the Christmas songs that were played by the back in time music machine.  

In another development, Gems Cambridge International Parents Association (CIPA) organised a Christmas cracker for kids and parents at the school.  It included Santa giving away 300 gifts, raffle draws and a market were parents and well-wishers sold different items.            

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