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Death Announcement

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Death Announcement

We regrettably announce the sudden death of Our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Pooran Chand Kukreja which occurred on Saturday, 5th January 2019, at 10:28 PM (IST) PM in New Delhi, India. He passed on after fighting cancer for the last two months.

Mr. Pooran Chand Kukreja is survived by a wife, Kavita Kukreja, and three children, Chanchal, Bharti and Karan Kukreja. Mr. Pooran Chand Kukreja started his career in Banking in 1982. He has worked with Bank of Baroda in India and Uganda, Guaranty Trust Bank Uganda and ABC Capital Bank.

He was the Chief Executive Officer of ABC Capital bank Limited from 2014 to the time of his death. He will be missed by Management and Staff of the bank, Relatives and Friends.




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