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Love one another as God loves His people - Museveni

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Added 26th December 2018 11:30 AM

President Yoweri Museveni has congratulated Ugandans on reaching this year’s Christmas.

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President Yoweri Museveni has congratulated Ugandans on reaching this year’s Christmas.


KIRUHURA - President Yoweri Museveni has congratulated Ugandans on reaching this year’s Christmas, and urged them to love one another as God loves His people.

“Love your neighbour with all your heart and soul as you love God,” he said.

The President voiced these remarks in Kiruhura district at St. Luke Nshwerenkye Church of Uganda, where he attended the Christmas Day service on Tuesday.

He was with his wife Janet, who is the education and sports minister.


Christians across Uganda and the rest of the world celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ with prayer and revelry.

Faithful flocked to various places of worship on one of the most revered dates on the annual Christian calender.

At St. Luke, Museveni said it is not right for one to say one loves God whom one has never seen yet hate one's neighbor that one lives with every day.

Quoting from the Book of Genesis, he said that God created man and commanded him to go fill the world and establish dominion over nature.

“You have obeyed the first part of the command in the Book of Genesis and neglected the last one."


The President, therefore, advised Ugandans to look after the environment, as it is their responsibility as per the scriptures. He also thanked the people of Kiruhura for listening to his advice of shunning the habit land fragmentation.

“You should never divide land amongst yourselves when the owner dies, but instead divide shares’ dividends from the projects on the land. I am happy you have followed my advice."

The President warned the people of the area against using acalicides to fight tsetse flies from their animals.

It is understood the concerned government agencies are gathering research on the appropriate drugs to be used to fight tsetse flies and, according to the President, they will be informed soon.


The First Lady, who said she had made 70 years this year, praised and thanked God for bringing Uganda this far and thanked the Christians for loving God.

“Thank you for loving God. I thank God for the love in this church and enabling you to come and celebrate Christmas,” she happily noted.

The education minister said that to love God, one ensures that one can never go wrong as this enables one to grow spiritually.

“Do what God says and you will never go wrong because with God, all things are possible."


The main celebrant, Rev. Emmanuel Kwesiga, who is also the parish priest, explained the meaning of Christmas as not just having sumptuous meals but to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ.

He told the keen Christians that it has been the grace of God that they have managed to celebrate this year’s Christmas.

Kwesiga, therefore, thanked God and the Government for the peace prevailing in the country, saying that this has enabled many people to live and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in harmony. He prayed for Uganda and the people to have healthy living, peace, unity and prosperity for all.

(Adopted from PPU)


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