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A look at the British Commonwealth of Nations

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The British capitalist class is inducing its former colonies to believe that the devil one knows is better than the devil one does not know.

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The British capitalist class is inducing its former colonies to believe that the devil one knows is better than the devil one does not know.


By Kajabago-ka-Rusoke

This is an organization which is made up of countries which were British colonies and whose Head is always the British Head of state, King or Queen.

They are based on an economic mechanism whereby the British capitalist class which had conquered them guarantees them what that capitalist class referrers to as aid in terms of loans to be offered to them at lower interest rates than if or, when, such loans would be offered to countries which were not colonies of that very capitalist class.

It is a psychological economic tactic playing on mental colonial stereotype of those just emerging from the direct economic colonial arrangement and finding themselves with immediate challenges as to how they shall economically run a newly independent state. They possess the desire to become and, be, a dignified people but they look at the immediate desired practical practice as fragile.

Hence succumbing to the economically psychological persuasion which in reality is a neo-colonial context to continue containing them within the same economic empire against all other competitive capitalist classes that would otherwise alternatively induce them towards their own economic spheres against that original one known to them formerly as their masters.

The British capitalist class is inducing its former colonies to believe that the devil one knows is better than the devil one does not know. Hence psychologically retaining its former colonies now under a neo-empire under the pretence that they are all now equal whereas the entire organization is still under the same capitalist class headed again by their own monarch as the so-called Heads of state of those British former colonies become Sub- Heads of state under the British Head of state.

That now is the British Commonwealth of Nations which is a neo-empire. It is not an organization of equals. If it were, chairmanship would rotate from year to year as it is under the organization of African Unity where there is equal status on the part of all African Heads of state. But this one is under the Head of state of the very former conquerer to whom the so-called Heads of state of the very former colonies succumb because of cheap financial guarantees which make them lose a sense of national dignity, sustaining them under a constant state of inferiority complex. They have no sense that it is better that one eats less as an independent and dignified personality than eat more as either a slave or slave-maid. They have no sense of dignity at all.

The answer to all this is to learn how to negotiate with any other country in the world on the basis of mutual understanding as to how each side can help another in solving problems which affect them. It is not correct to think that those lending money to those who have less do not have economic problems.

Lenders also have problems which force them to look for borrowers. The situation is mutual and reciprocal. Lenders have need for such items which they do not have in their own countries. Hence the need for international trade. No country can afford to live in isolation. But this must be based on mutual respect.

The lender must not regard his or her offer just as Aid because when he or she releases a loan to another, that other one pays back the loan with interest which is an addition above what the lender did not have before lending. So it is mutual and reciprocal. This demands a higher standard of spiritual life and ethics to appreciate each others human problems so that all become useful towards each where each should be useful towards all. That is appropriate humanism. The globe would be a happier and better place to live in than greed for money accumulation above others in order to dominate them and, where that seems not enough, those struggling for economic domination engage in global military plans to conquer those whom they think should be conquered for personal economic gains and superiority. This is why the world capitalist system can never and, shall never, qualify as a correct social context either at a local or international level to serve humanity. For it is based on greed, leading to inevitable mutual suspicion, antagonism and hatred, then either cold or hot wars. The intelligentsia in the former colonies who lead those new countries and then base them on the capitalist system become allies to the capitalist classes that had previously conquered them and now turn them into neo-colonies where no proper economic and general social attention is paid to those countries’ workers and peasants. The extremely rich members of the intelligentsia either establish big businesses in those former colonies or open bank accounts in the countries of their former masters-colonialists.

In Uganda, for example, there are a few who own land against a peasant majority and demand rent from them. They can even chase them from that land. And that is considered correct as it is in the constitution of the country. And that in Uganda means feudalism is academically a correct economic system for a country. That is Uganda’s social academic standard of the country’s intelligentsia.

It is not correct to criticize without providing answers to those who are wrong. Answers are that any country in the world should not allow such economic systems as, for example, slave- slave-maid owning, feudalism, capitalism, imperialism, colonialism and neo-colonialism. Each country should make sure that land, as a fundamental object of labour should belong to all those who are able to use it for the benefit of each and all. Labour in any economic unit should be paid for according to each individual’s technical ability plus the number of hours he or she spends in that particular economic unit which hours will constitute the quantity of work performed in that very economic unit for the benefit of all and each on a given national territory in the world.

All for each and each for all.

For there cannever be correct standards either in Ethics or spiritual life outside a correct economic arrangement or system which must be pro-people as a whole and in general. A theory which does not take part in practice is an empty theory whereas practice without a scientific and pro-people practice is blind practice.


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