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Govt to upgrade Kichwamba Technical to a tech institute

By Wilson Asiimwe

Added 22nd November 2018 07:12 AM

The college was established in 1947 as an artisan resettlement centre for World War II veterans

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Minister Chrysostom Muyingo (centre) and other officials during the 12th graduation ceremony at Kichwamba Technical College in Fort Portal. Photo by Wilson Asiimwe

The college was established in 1947 as an artisan resettlement centre for World War II veterans

President Yoweri Museveni has said that government through the education ministry will upgrade Uganda Technical College Kichwamba to an institute of technology so as to train students in oil and gas related courses.

In a speech delivered by the state minister for higher education, John Chrysostom Muyingo, during the college’s 12th graduation ceremony on Friday, Museveni said that government had prioritised skills development as one way of achieving Vision 2040.

Museveni said that government had put in place the necessary infrastructure required to transform the college.

“Government is prioritising skills development and I want to thank the management of the college for producing skilled and moral upright citizens,” he said.

He said the college was established in 1947 as an artisan resettlement centre for World War II veterans. In 1971, it was upgraded to a level of technical institute and in 1983, elevated to its current status.

“The role of education in the transformation of society cannot be ignored. Uganda needs such kind of education that is capable of responding to the challenges of the country we need graduates who are competent and with the right attitudes and values to solve the challenges of our society,” Museveni said.

He said that the government will continue to prioritise skills development in the training of the labour force of the country and that is the reason as to why more emphasis has been put on training more scientists and technicians, to enable government industrialise the country and move the population out of poverty.


“African cannot develop if she has to continually import technical ability from oversees. We need to develop and master our own capacity while creating conditions that curb the brain drain. I therefore commend this institute for introducing practical and skill based programs this country has now reached the economic take off stage,” he added.

David Kibenge the undersecretary in the education ministry said that students from the four colleges in Uganda receive training in real skills that prepare them for the job market, unlike graduates from academic colleges who usually have nothing more than theoretical knowledge.

Kibenge said that through the Albertine region sustainable development project, the ministry will support the college in oil and gas related courses.

“As a ministry we have put in place a strategy of supporting all the technical colleges in the country in a bid to promote quality education,” he said.

Moses Twesige-Omwe the college principle said that the institute had challenges of accommodation and as a result they cannot admit many students.

“We need more financial support from the government so that we can construct accommodation facilities for the students currently the enrolment stands 479 students,” he said.

He said that at the college learners directly develop expertise in a particular group of techniques or technology.

There are four Uganda Technical Colleges namely Kichwamba in Fort Portal, Elgon in Mbale, Lira and Kahaya in Bushenyi. 

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