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Ndejje University graduates advised on work ethics

By David Lukiiza

Added 15th October 2018 12:27 PM

A good degree only gets you a good job but character maintains you on the job.

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A good degree only gets you a good job but character maintains you on the job.

2,144 students graduated at Ndejje University in Luwero district on Friday in different disciplines with Degrees, Diploma and certificates, where 63 attained first class degrees. 
Speaking at the 20th graduation ceremony, the executive director of Private Sector Foundation Uganda, Gideon Badagawa advised the graduates to have a good attitude towards work, where he noted that fresh graduates have a tendency of despising work when they join the working sector.
“Most of our fresh graduates think they will get straight to those big positions the moment they join the working sector, so when they fail to meet their expectations, many skip days of work in addition to giving excuses, and they end up getting their contracts terminated within a short time,” he said.  
According to  Badagawa, a good degree only gets you a good job but character maintains you on the job.



In most cases Graduates brag about their good grades and start provoking their bosses, Badagawa added.

Similarly, Badagawa advised universities to always put emphasis on internship programs, which he said help students fit into the working sector before they graduate.
“Some of the Universities and tertiary institutions in Uganda pass out graduates who are not well prepared for the job market. During internship, most students do late for late and spend more time perusing through their phones without consulting with their colleagues in those career fields.”
 “Besides having attitude towards work, many graduates are passed out when they do not have any practical skills to enable them adapt easily to the work world,” according to Badagawa.  
On a good note, Prof. Kisamba Mugerwa, the University Chancellor assured guests that the university had identified programs relevant to students, majority being practical, and these he said would benefit the students in their work fields.


“We discovered that 90% of employers are looking for practical staff, which pushed us to make sure that our graduates meet the standards,” Kisamba noted.
“I am delighted to mention that out of the 63 graduates who attained first class degrees, the best female student by names of Betty Namugenyi attained 4.97 points, and she came from the faculty of Engineering, a course that requires practicality,” Kisamba said.

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