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Dear colonialists, its like you demarcated our boundary and yours well

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Those that we think are elites are the most nonsensical people selling Africa to the whites

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Those that we think are elites are the most nonsensical people selling Africa to the whites

By Michael Woira

Dear Colonialists,

I have a weighty humble request. As you read this letter, I want you to listen to all I am narrating with love and give it the maximum attention that it requires, a sort of love that demands that you listen, comprehend and make decisions after reading this script that I have written not only out of hunger and anger but with all the madness. Did you hear that? You may have missed it. I repeat: I want you to listen with love. Well, at least try my white colonialists.

We don’t talk much about the urgency of patriotism and love these days, especially within the public sphere. Much of our discourse these days is about revenge, mineral theft, funding useless opposition parties, name calling, hate, and divisiveness. I have yet to hear it from our political pundits. I don’t mean the Hollywood type of love, but the scary kind, the kind that risks not being reciprocated, the kind that refuses to flee in the face of danger.

This letter is a gift for you my white colonialists. Bear in mind, though, that some gifts can be heavy to bear. You don’t have to accept it; there is no obligation. I give it freely, believing that many of you will throw the gift back in my face citing that I hate you, saying that I wrongly accuse you, that I am too sensitive, that I’m a race hustler, and that I blame white people for everything yet this is not just to blame you but to tell you the living truth that you don’t always want to hear at many times.

In 1885, the great European powers met in Berlin to share Africa amongst themselves, launching a dark period of colonialist exploitation and indeed you whites did as promised. Your agenda was purely fulfilled and you again back here to colonize us, I have read many of your comments on the current political situation in Uganda. I have even read of resolutions that your parliaments have made concerning the politics and leadership of this dear country of ours and I am not only wondering whether we voted you but I am also wondering on whose behalf you are making resolutions. In this letter, I ask you to look deep, to look into your souls with silence, to quiet that voice that will speak to you of your white “innocence.” So, as you read this letter, take a deep breath.

I have listened to a lot of nonsense from you whites concerning African affairs, you created the International Criminal court but its creation seems to have been because of African leaders and for your case it’s a taboo to listen to all it decides or come up with and recently someone called John Bolton the National security adviser labeled the International Criminal Court “illegitimate,” saying the White House will “fight back” if the court probes alleged war crimes by Americans in Afghanistan .To make things worse, the American government had no respect for the judges of this court by promising to arrest them if they ever try to investigate the issue.

I refuse to remain a prisoner of the lies that you white people have told to many of my fellow Africans, you are the lead funders of protests in the African countries, you are the lead supporters of ugly cultures in African societies (LGBT) telling us nonsense that it’s a human right for same sex humans to be partners and for your case you far ahead because you even attend there weddings and some of you are

seen jubilating and drinking to show your happiness. Let me clarify. This doesn’t mean that I intentionally bar you from what you call your good acts but I openly show you how disgusting your likes are.

Africa is the second largest continent on earth and has immense resources, yet Africa still wants to rely on these white rulers. The question is “why are we all blind to see that we can deal with our own affairs” if we have all this wonderful land, sea, shores minerals etc. We are poor because these whites have changed very many things on our land, because they are here just to root and take what belongs to us, we are also poor because these people have got African ambassadors who help them achieve what they want by acting as their informers who tell them how to destabilize our peaceful African states. Let’s forget the past of thinking that we can always be because of these whites, we need to get up and dust-off ourselves and get on with life as black people.

Those that we think are elites are the most nonsensical people selling Africa to the whites, they think America is the court, the judge and God at the same time, they think talking ill about Africa infront of international media can earn them free leadership and a reasonable income in their pockets, they think it’s only the whites that can devise ways for them to take over power, they can bootlick whites for anything, they can decide to say anything to please the white man, some of them have pretended to be lame, walked on crutches in front of cameras and abandoned crutches after the media interviews all in the name of alleging that they are mistreated in Africa.

As I conclude, I am just kindly requesting that you either be our friends in development or become our established enemies in leadership.

Writer is a Pan-Africanist

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