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Invisible epidemic eats through education system

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Added 5th September 2018 11:17 AM

A sneak peek into this week's education pullout, Mwalimu.

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A sneak peek into this week's education pullout, Mwalimu.


Imagine a student who is inattentive, poorly behaved in class and getting bad grades.

You might think the child is careless and never attentive. But, there is also a possibility that this child is one of the 48,000 pupils who are suffering from hearing impairment, which is gradually affecting his or her grades. Get a detailed report in New Vision's education pullout Mwalimu today. (You can access the newspaper online HERE)


Abala has won parents trust through village chiefs

Robert Abala Okello has spent all his 18 years of teaching at one school–Panykworo primary school, in Gulu district. He has managed to use his stay in one school to his advantage, by winning over the village chiefs and parents to support his school. Full profile in Mwalimu today.


Mukasa steps up Bulo Parents sanitation

A shallow well,  shared  by the community members, cattle and other domestic animals is all that Bulo Parents had eight years ago; as source of water  for its boarding and day scholars. Full profile in Mwalimu today.




Talk to your children about sex

The sex education debate has been gaining momentum over the years, but now it has reached a pitch that cannot be ignored.

While some say the time is now for all parents and schools to openly talk sex to their children, some are saying it’s suicidal to lift the veil off something the children didn’t even know existed.

Even matters of curriculum have come up; what do you cover at which point? What do you tell the children? Details in today's New Vision.

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