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Schools championships to redefine baseball in Uganda

By Kasozi Balikuddembe

Added 29th August 2018 05:15 PM

Schools have time and again proved to harbor sports enthusiasts.

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Schools have time and again proved to harbor sports enthusiasts.

PIC: Mehta Secondary school baseball team. (Credit: Kasozi Balikuddembe)



St Joan of Arc SS 15 Mehta SS 5


St. Katherine Girls SS 12 Mehta 4

LUGAZI - This year’s National Schools Baseball and Softball Championships surpassed expectations. That is that!

When the meet ended Tuesday at the Mehta baseball pitch in Lugazi, certainly there was a feeling of what could become the defining force of the game in Uganda.

After all this is the real grassroots level that the federation should structure their efforts.

Schools have time and again proved to harbour sports enthusiasts and ofcourse they have the numbers.

Previously the annual competition has been operating on a somewhat pilot scheme but the break through has finally come and what a way for St. Joan Of Arc SS and St Katherine Girls SS  to clinch the baseball and Softball  respectively in commanding fashion.

St. Joan of Arc SS came up big against Mehta SS with a crushing victory of 15-5 in the baseball finals with Derrick Anguzu proving to be the main standout.

Conversely Immaculate Abila's scintillating performance propelled St. Katherine Girls SS past Mehta SS in a comfortable 12-4 victory.

The competition thrived in spite of the prevailing financial challenges that pose as major stumbling block in as far as developing the game locally.

“There was high level competition this year compared to last year.All teams played to their best levels that it was not easy to predict the winner till the last three innings of the finals.

This is aimed at developing young athletes and ensuring that right playing techniques are shared with them” said Dennis Kasozi head of the Uganda Baseball and Softball Association (UBASA).

Ugandan baseball has no doubt taken some “baby steps” but nonetheless more schools competitions could unlock the mystery of taking the game to greater heights.



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