Mango prices shoot up

By Racheal Nabisubi

Added 26th August 2018 07:04 PM

Currently, one mango costs between sh1,0000 and sh2,000.

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Currently, one mango costs between sh1,0000 and sh2,000.


KAMPALA - Mangoes are very delicious fruitS.  However, with the late increase in their prices, it is likely that the demand for the fruit will reduce.

Currently, a amango goes for about sh3000 - sh10, 000.

Asiyo Cathy, a trader in Nakasero says mangoes have become costly given the fact that they are on high demand with low production.

Asiyo says most of the mangoes sold in the markets are transported from Lwera, Masindi, Kotido and Kenya.

“The different varieties of mangoes include Takataka, bire, doodo, kagogwa. These  are grown in Uganda.

"Kenya provides Apple mango and Kenti mangoes which are all recently off the market,” Asiyo noted.

She says, whereas one may have to part with sh3000 for three small mangoes, three medium sized ones go for sh5,000 while three big ones cost sh10,000.

"A  box of big mangoes costs  Sh17,000, one of the medium sized ones costs between sh80,000 and sh90,000."

Angella Kasujja, another trader from Ggaba market in Makindye division attributes the rise in the price of mangoes to the season.

Kassuja says previously, she could get mangoes from Masaka district but this is nolonger the case.

“Mangoes are now being transported from different areas leading to an increase in the costs of transportation due to the inaccessible roads,” Kasujja said.

" The season for harvesting and growing these fruits has not yet reached which means they will be very few on the market despite the high demand."


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