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Gafford ladies' positions on national team threatened

By Shafik Ssenoga

Added 14th August 2018 04:19 PM

The players are threatened to leave their clubs and join the clubs the coaches are attached to if they wish to secure their positions on the national team.


KAMPALA - The FUFA Women Elite League side, Gafford ladies have petitioned FUFA over misconduct of national team officials and coaches.

In a letter written by the club Chief Operation Officer, Huzairo Kayima to the FUFA CEO, Edgar Watson Kayima indicated that Crested Cranes officials are using their posts to influence players to join different clubs they are attached to.

“Players are told that if they don’t comply and leave their respective teams so as to join the teams the coaches are attached to, they will not be summoned again on the national team and their names will also be scrapped off the monthly FUFA payroll for the women national team, “read part of the communication.

It further added, "As stake holders, we humbly request for your guidance and counsel on this very important matter as it is already affecting FUFA Women Elite League clubs including mine.”

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