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NCS calls for accountability from sports bodies

By Michael Nsubuga

Added 14th August 2018 01:10 PM

NCS has established a monetary and evaluation exercise for the associations that will be done quarterly

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Federation officials Muhamad Kabogozza (wrestling), Carolyne Adong and Roselyn Muntu (fencing), David Katana (judo), Salim Musoke (weightlifting) pose with their certificates and NCS officials led by Ogwel (3rd left). Photo by Michael Nsubuga

NCS has established a monetary and evaluation exercise for the associations that will be done quarterly

National Council of Sports (NCS) acting general secretary, Patrick Ogwel, has called on affiliated sports associations and federations to ensure accountability and also embrace modern ways of running their associations.

Ogwel was speaking to four federation heads at NCS before they received their certificates of recognition, having fulfilled initial requirements for registration as per NCS Statutory Instrument of 2014, at NCS recently.

Carolyne Adong and Roselyn Muntu for Fencing, David Katana for Judo, Salim Musoke (weightlifting) and Muhamad Kabogozza (Wrestling) were handed their certificates by Ogwel who advised them and other registered associations not to look forward to government funding but also source for other forms of funding from elsewhere.

“We are going to do our best to share the little that government is giving us to all registered associations/federations but that would call for accountability at the same time those who have been elected as trustees, promote good governance and ensure the statutory instrument is followed because the certificate will be withdrawn if you fail to comply with the requirements,” Ogwel cautioned.

He said NCS had established a monetary and evaluation exercise for the associations that will be done four times a year.

“As government gives us money, you should also show cause that you’re working hard to bring money to your federations; ours should be supplementary, it should not be the one to determine whether you develop the sport or not,” Ogwel urged.

“We are developing a sports funding policy, that even those earmarked for government funding will follow a certain criteria so that we support only federations that have initiatives that augments support from government,” he added.

He advised them to ensure they hold executive and committee meetings, annual general meetings and provide audit and audited reports to help government plan and see the volume of support they are getting so that they can acknowledge the support they are receiving.

He also advised them to appoint technocrats to run their associations and also ensure their constitutions are in tandem with modern times.

“The certificates are subject to withdrawal if you fail to maintain what the statutory instrument requires. We are going to develop a system where we shall be sending our technical officers to advise you on good governance and how to improve your reporting among others,” Ogwel stated.

He advised them to always submit their budget proposals and calendar of events to ensure proper and early planning for funding.  

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