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Stop recognising us when we are dead—Traffic cops

By Agnes Nantambi, David Lumu

Added 2nd August 2018 05:02 PM

'Recognition of people who do well empowers them to do more'

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'Recognition of people who do well empowers them to do more'

PIC: Josephine Nakandi the traffic officer who was knocked by a motor cycle recieving a trophy and a cheque of sh500,000 from Arrow Security Systems. (Credit: Agnes Nantambi) 

When Cpl. Josephine Nakandi was knocked down by a bodaboda rider at Bugolobi junction in June, her rare trait of professionalism flooded the Internet with Ugandans urging the Police institution to award her.

Nakandi, who was guiding traffic along the busy Bugolobi junction, was knocked, but a few minutes later, she was up, ready to resume her task.

Henry Chemba, a road user, captured the moment and too to social media to share Nakandi’s photo, whose white uniform had been soiled. The viral photo, which was also shared by New Vision, drew thousands of comments, with majority calling for the Police leadership to reward the mother of twins for her exceptional resolve to serve her country in the face of pain and near-death.

The New Vision story that narrated Nakandi’s plight, also went viral, drawing thousands of comments, as Ugandans heaped praise on the traffic officer.

Over the weekend, Nakandi was recognised by Arrow Security Systems with a security trophy and a sh500,000 cheque for her outstanding service to the country since 1999 when she joined the traffic Police.

Obed Kalenzi, the officer-in-charge of Jinja Road Police where Nakandi is attached, welcomed the gesture by Arrow Security Systems to reward Nakandi.

Kalenzi said for doing their work, traffic cops are targeted and blackmailed.

Traffic officers, Kalenzi said, operate under difficult circumstances, face challenges and are condemned by the public.

Yet despite these challenges, they execute their duties—even without motivation.

“This kills our morale to work and keep the image of the Police clean, “he said

Kalenzi said Nakandi is an exceptional cop.

“Nakandi will never give an excuse of sickness, neither weakness. She is always on time at her duty station. People who have rewarded her have motivated her to continue working,” he said.

Daphine Mugambwa, the chief operations officer Arrow Security Systems, said recognition of people who do well empowers them to do more.

 “In every society, there are good and bad people, but there could be a few bad people who misrepresent the police, but I don’t think that the few bad 

people who  commit bad things on the shoulder of the police should stand out and cover up all the good that the police does, “she said.

The DPC Jinja Road Police, Moses Eliau, applauded Arrow Security Systems for the special recognition accorded to Nakandi.

“She could have taken off, but she insisted on controlling traffic with her uniform soiled. Many people want to praise dead people, but Arrow security has defied that. This is the kind of spirit others should emulate other than praising coffins,” he said.

In March this year, Cpl. Wilfred Tweituk, a traffic officer attached to Old Kampala Police Station, was knocked dead by a bus owned by Devine Bus Company, along Kabaka Njagala-Nabunya junction in Rubaga, Kampala.



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