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Buganda spends sh80m on Bulange paint job

By David Lumu

Added 25th July 2018 01:46 PM

Celebrations of the coronation anniversary will take place on Tuesday next week

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Olwendo Water’s Resty Katongole, Vero Products’ Emmanuel Katongole, Kattikiro Charles Peter Mayiga and Majestic Brands’ Richard Nsereko at the launch of Olwendo Water at Bulange in Mengo. Photo by Wilfrd Sanya

Celebrations of the coronation anniversary will take place on Tuesday next week

The Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga, on Monday rallied Buganda supporters to continue mobilising funds to support the kingdom’s transformation, saying painting Bulange, the seat of the kingdom, has cost sh80m.

“We need sh30m every month to pay electricity bills. Painting Bulange has cost us sh80m. I hear people say that we have made the Kingdom a business of sorts. But what do you want me to do in order to get money to pay for all these things? As long as I am the Katikkiro, we shall do business as a Kingdom,” Mayiga said.

The Buganda Kingdom premier was speaking at the launch of ‘Olwendo-Kattannyonta’, the new Kingdom’s bottled water, at Bulange, Mengo.

The new bottled water project, Mayiga said, is part of the several ventures that Buganda kingdom is looking at for resource mobilisation.

Mayiga said on top of other requirements for the traditional introduction ceremony in Buganda, Olwendo-Kattannyonta, the Kingdom’s latest bottled water product, will be compulsory for dowry.

ayiga hands out water at the launch hoto by ilfred anyaMayiga hands out water at the launch. Photo by Wilfred Sanya


“Do not allow your daughter to be married off under the traditional-cultural introduction ceremony in Buganda without the prospective husband donating Olwendo during the introduction ceremony,” Mayiga said, ordering that the same practice should be extended to graduation ceremonies, weddings and all Kingdom functions.

“We have a lot of outstanding demands from the central government but that doesn’t mean that we stop working. We need to strengthen our culture and tradition through innovation and creativity. Through these business partnerships, we have created jobs for the youth and also paid taxes,” he said.

The Katikkiro said, the launch of the Olwendo bottled water, is part of the activities to celebrate the 25th coronation anniversary of Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II.

Under the partnership between Buganda Kingdom’s Majestic Brands and Vero Food Industries, the Olwendo will be packaged by Vero, which is owned by Emmanuel Katongole, the founder of Quality Chemicals Ltd.

Olwendo will start small but within a short time, it will be one of the biggest brands in the country,” Katongole said.

“Buganda is strategically developing its commercial and financial muscle,” he added.

On Monday, the fully-furnished Twekobe, the official palace of the Kabaka, was handed over to the King.

Mutebi was enthroned as Kabaka in 1993 at Naggalabi, Buddo, Wakiso district.

The celebrations of the coronation anniversary will take place on Tuesday next week.

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