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Makerere University don elected clan leader

By Hudson Apunyo

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Ocen commended his clansmen for entrusting him and pledged to take the clan to greater heights.

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Ocen commended his clansmen for entrusting him and pledged to take the clan to greater heights.

PIC: Ocen and his wife, Jacky Ocen during the clan election. ( Credit: Hudson Apunyo)


LIRA - A Makerere University lecturer has been elected clan leader of one of the many clans in Lango region. 

Dr. Laury Lawrence Ocen was on Saturday elected Awitong (clan head) of Okarowok Wibye acel in a celebrated land slide victory.

The author of 'The Alien Woman,' Ocen obtained his PhD from Makerere University in 2017, and is currently a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Makerere Institute of Social Research.

In his maiden speech, Ocen commended his clansmen for entrusting him and pledged to work together with them to take the clan to greater heights.

“We should work together and I will make sure we do for the good of our clan,” he said.

Ocen also said he will respect every clan leader's office, irrespective of their positions.

“I will give you the time to do your work with the knowledge and ability which God has bestowed up on you,” he said.

“What we shall do together is to know where the responsibility of each leader starts and ends and where each leader should report and when work is done. This should be recorded and preserved.”

Ocen added that in case of any weakness, it should be handled together without pointing fingers, anger and undermining each other.

He pledged to work together with the previous leaders who are handing over because clan leadership is not for animosity.

“If I knock at your door for advice, even if you supported me or not, please accept to advise me this is how we shall develop our clan.”

Ocen also condemed leaders who over stay in power. He shall work with the clan leaders to amend the constitution to allow for two terms of office only.

“If the leaders of the clan can accept, we shall amend the constitution.”

People of all walks of life have commended Ocen on his new responsibility and wished him well.

Patrick Ogwang said, “ Congratulations Awitong and may God guide you in your endeavours.’

Isaac Ogwal added that for people like Ocen taking on such very important role is a blessing for Lango.

Anthony Ayo, a clan member said God has answered their prayers for a new clan leader.

“This has been my quest. Dr. Laury Ocen has been elected Awitong of Okarowok Wibye acel in a glorious land slide victory. My prayers for his leadership. God bless him,” he said.

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